Great Old Ones

I haven’t posted for a long time, so I do apologise for this. The pressures of modern life have a nasty habit of getting in the way.

I study the climate, and have been particularly interested in the Vostok Ice Core Data. This data clearly shows distinct glacial periods, lasting around 80-100000 years, interspaced with interglacial periods, each lasting between 5 to 20000 years.

All our historical knowledge regarding civilisation, and indeed all that we regard as civilisation has occurred in the past 11000 years. This leads me to the following observation – there are no historical records of ANY kind pertaining to any form of civilisation before this current interglacial period. All the ones we know about – Babylonia, Sumeria, Akkadia, Egypt – all occurred in this interglacial.

I now have to ask – was there any form of western civilisation during the interglacial period 120000 years ago. Humans were about, and have been for 200000 years or so. The ice age would have technically wiped any form of history of prior human civilisation from the northern/western hemispheres. Let us assume that maybe there were such civilisations. Were they responsible for the information leading to the Piri Ries Map (showing Antarctica without ice) ? Were they responsible for the evidence of prior nuclear war (craters in India lined with nuclear glass). How advanced did these people get ? We after all have moved form the stone age to the nuclear age in roughly 10000 years. Now the important question – did these civilisations have religions, if so what gods did they worship ? Is this the source of the legends of the Great Old Ones, Chthulu etc ?

Opinions please ?

2 thoughts on “Great Old Ones

  1. Nocturnus

    Its a great possibility. There is something almost tangible about the Great Old Ones that tend to connect one to something very real and ancient. Their potency, if invoked correctly, is shocking. Genetic memory? Imprinted subconsious? Or maybe the energy we feel and work with are their fingerprints…

    1. James Staples V

      This was a great article- sad there is so little commo back and forth on it. i for one am Hungry- Starving- mentally, physically emotionally and spiritually Parched for close communion the The Great Old Ones. i am currently reading alot of Michael W Ford- which is an interesting perspective- but his ‘seeming distant atheist-ish’ approach; makes an almost permanent dichotomy between the Absolute Empirical Existance of the Entities he speaks of vs. the ‘creative subconciouss mental phantasm construct’ of the Beings. Sure- I have little doubt some may be constructs- but when i was a youth slapped the shit out of and pinned to the ceiling for 10 mins or so- one ore than one occasion by Beings who walked through my wall;Sorry- than ain’t no flippin Mask!!. I sure as hell ain’t been able to levitate myself a good 8ft in the air even when life and limb demanded it. So- when it comes to ”
      The Great Old Ones- i say- please help me open the door as truthfully I would much prefer them as “Constant Companions” than what I am usually surrounded by.

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