Guest Blog: A Review of *Keys of Ocat*

Keys of OcatFr. Sem Sebastian’s Review of *Keys of Ocat*
If I were to sum up Keys of Ocat: A Grimoire of Daemonolatry Nygromancye in a short phrase, I’d call it absolutely brilliant.  Stephanie Connolly, Adrianna or S. Connolly as many of you know her, does the topic of necromancy a great justice. Keys of Ocat removes the veil of darkness and mystery surrounding advanced necromantic practices and challenges the reader’s perception of the dark art. For those brave enough to traverse the path of necromancy, this book is a guide that offers the advanced practitioner enough material to chew on for some time. The subject is treated with a great deal of respect and reverence for both the dead and the living.
I’ve been working necromancy for thirty-four years and there were things in this book that both took me by surprise and taught me a great deal about a subject I’ve devoted my entire life to. It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks, but Stephanie certainly succeeded.  I will never again look at the Goetia the same, and I have a new appreciation for tablets and funerary stele.  I am particularly appreciative of her explanation of the se-akh rites.
Just like all of her books, she doesn’t dress the work up with needless nonsense.On the contrary, she makes this material highly accessible and usable for working magicians and funerary priests. From ancestor veneration, sciomancy, sigils and symbology to working with the death deities and death current, the rituals within the book are quite efficacious . The added element of gate opening gives them an additional dose of potency that is hard to find in public or published rituals of this nature. It’s for these reasons and more that I have decided to begin using all of S. Connolly’s necromancy books as the staple textbooks for my seminary students.
I would recommend Keys of Ocat to all practitioners of necromancy and to Demonolatry priests who perform the sacred passage rites of death and burial. However, for those Demonolaters new to the art I suggest first reading Honoring Death, and the chapbook Necromantic Sacraments.
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Fr. Sem Sebastian “Bastian” Mitchell is a Kamitic Sem (Funerary) Priest and Demonolater with over thirty-four years of experience as a practicing necromancer. He and his wife, Jessica, run a GenDem approved seminary program for Demonolatry funerary priests within the Temple Thoth-Seshat. He hails from California.