Headlong into a New Year

Can you believe it’s already January? We all want to jump into new habits and routines at the start of a new year. Even I was tempted to jump in and write 2000 words a day. That totally didn’t happen, and the Daemonic message I kept getting for myself was “Ease into the new year.”

How the hell does someone ease into a new year? There’s so much to do. A publishing schedule to maintain! And yet, the Daemons of earth keep having to grab me by the legs and pull me back to reality.

So I’m not writing 60,000 words this month as planned (only about 1/2 to 3/4 that). But I have gotten a lot done. I’ve dealt with taxes, set up paperwork. I’ve been taking time for myself and my husband each day. I’ve gotten a lot of client work done. My ritual work hasn’t suffered one bit. The house is clean. I’ve maintained my coven responsibilities. These are all HUGE wins for me, things I struggled with last year due to tight deadlines.

Sometimes, if we don’t slow down and chill out, we don’t see the big wins because we’re focused on the one thing going wrong. This comes up a lot in my readings for myself and others. When we hyper-focus, we lose sight of our success and the bigger picture.

So, for my brothers and sisters who needed to hear this like I did — instead of barreling into the new year guns blazing, why not try easing into it? There are no new year police stating you have to jump into the fire. No Daemons with pitchforks getting ready to hurl you into the abyss against your will.

Let’s talk about Daemons that can help ease you into a new year, a new routine, or a new frame of mind:

Mind you this isn’t a complete list. Just a handful to inspire you.

Leviathan: To open you to what you need and facilitate being gentle on yourself. He can give you courage to take small steps, especially if you’re healing. But he can also help you slowly build until you’re ready to unleash something upon the world.

Gremory: To help with self-discovery and planning. Working with him, expect to find a few hidden treasures along the way. His counsel always comes with bright, glorious gifts. And by “gifts”, I’m not necessarily talking about opportunities and cold hard cash. I’m talking about those gems of wisdom that bring revelation and understanding through a more gradual, gentle process.

Bathin: To metaphorically (or literally) plant gardens, or make “travel” plans. The seeds you plant now will grow into blossoming plants in the coming months. Don’t be afraid to plant your garden and use January as a month of planning under the watchful gaze of Bathin. The colder months (for those of us here on the upside) are a great time to PLAN changes. For those of you down-under – it will be mid-summer – but still a good time to think of cooler autumn weather and make some plans for when you’re not wilting from the heat the second you step outside.

Stolas: Work with Stolas to develop your intuition for timing things just right. Stolas is a Daemon who can teach patience as well as instruct one in the divinatory arts. If you feel you need to slow down and regroup until the timing is perfect, Stolas may be just the teacher/guide you need.

Orias: He’s a great “gentle change” Daemon when it comes to easing into a new routine, taking on a new exercise program, or transforming the way you think about something. His energy tends toward slow and steady progress and can be rather healing.

Some ideas for application and work:

  • Sleep with the sigil beneath your mattress to receive insight and guidance through dreams.
  • Wear the Daemon’s seal to draw their influence to you.
  • Meditate with the Daemon’s seal and gain insight.
  • Rituals (appropriate to your situation) with the Daemonic if you have specific goals in mind.

I hope you have found this inspiring. May Ba’al bring blessings upon you.

3 thoughts on “Headlong into a New Year

  1. Nancy

    This was exactly what I needed to hear! I tend to try to make a bunch of changes all at once and have multiple goals at the same time and just wear myself out. Thank you.

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