How to do a mini Altar

Ashtaroth Portable Altar
My Portable Altar Dedicated to Ashtaroth

OR most likely why should you make a mini altar?

I’ve heard before that horizontal surfaces are species of extinction in the Occult practitioners home and its true, I started to separating altars for different works to avoid mixing up any kind of conflicting energies, but my house will probably never have too much space, so mainly those altars are only for work, if you started doing that for every entity you want to work with or have a close relation with it would be too much, and even thought Spirit Houses are awesome sometimes you just want to give small offerings and make contact for small things, rather than giving complete physical abode to the spirit, now it does not necessarily mean that is disposable but if you are going to have a long term altar, you might want it to be small.


  1. Unless you work only with one spirit or pantheon altars can get unbelievably bulky with time.
  2. You might need that space later
  3.  It saves you time and energy in rearranging spaces.
  4.  If you have to move its more easy and safer having something that can be sealed shut
  5.  They are stealthy and you can hide it from annoying people or pesky fundamentalists choose to come by
  6. You can move it to your working altar or do more versatile works by carrying it with you to a designated place
  7.  You can order an arrange them nicely, even for joined rituals

The how to is simple:

Find a small box enough to put a seal or image on the inside, I usually color them in plane colors, too decorated boxes can be a call for curious peeps and kills off the discretion, then I consecrate it accordingly to the spirit I will be working with and fill it with herbs and stones usually un a total sum of odd number of ingredients, and put it in a place with seems appropriate, It’s a nice addition to devotional practices, and it is as comfortable as it gets.


Jadean Lazulli

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