I’d like to talk to someone about my bill…

Few things capture my imagination more than physical manifestation of the Demonic Divine. The very idea of a Demon manifesting before my eyes makes me both feel excited to experience a Hollywood moment, and stupid because I can’t think of a reason why I would really want that (not the Hollywood moment, but rather the physical manifestation.)

Understanding works better with examples, so here is a little analogy. You have a problem with your utilities bill and you want to get it solved. You decide that it would be best if you discussed it with someone at the company. So you got a few choices – you could call them, go to their office, or try to get them to come to your home. Lets examine each of these choices.

Calling them would be the easiest choice, and for the purposes of this analogy, it is much like doing a ritual. You gather you account information, look up the appropriate number for the billing department, use your phone and dial the number. You’ll have to navigate the automated menus, exercise patience while you are transferred around, and eventually you’ll have a chance to fix your problem by either talking to a person or selecting the right automated option.

Keen on some face, you could travel to the company’s office and talk to someone in person. Like ascension, going to the offices will get you in front of someone who will talk to you and listen to your problem. They might put in some extra effort to help solve your problem since you put in all the effort to get to them, more so than if you just called them at least.

Seeking to do the impossible, you could get someone from the utilities billing department to come to your house. They might be able to solve your problem, but certainly not in your home since they need access to their company computers which are back in the office. The efforts you have made to solve your problem far exceeded what was needed and caused more work for the person you were trying to get to help you. They had to travel to your house, discover your problem, and then travel back to the office to fix that problem. And this is how I see physical manifestation – a big expenditure of energy for something not worth it.

Keep in mind that I am a small fish in the big pond of Demonolatry. I do not know the rituals that could bring about Demon manifesting physically and I do not know a reason why someone would want to do that. That doesn’t mean that those rituals don’t exist and it certainly doesn’t mean that some people don’t have valid reasons for wanting it. This is my opinion, and despite how much it may stink, I’m going to stand by in anyway!

You might have your own ideas and opinions on the subject, so feel free to add them in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “I’d like to talk to someone about my bill…

  1. Sabre

    That is an awesome and creative analogy Necronos! It sheds light upon some of the ways to communicate with the Demonic Divine. You could even say that meditation would be like contemplating your issue carefully before deciding which way you want to communicate with the utility company. Last, saying a prayer from the heart would be like sending an email to a person in the company’s customer service department.

    When it comes to manifestation I do not feel a need for it at this time in my development. After rituals I feel a strong enough energy to confirm my beliefs. It is more than enough to help me with the intention I had for the ritual to begin with.

    However, I can understand manifestation in the context of someone who is an adept Demonolator. I know it is not needed in order to confirm the presence of the Demonic Divine, but manifestation could be a way to further one on thier path or help them with a dire situation.

    In the end, I believe manifestation is possible, but it is not required to commune with the Demonic Divine. Like your analogy teaches, you could choose from a variety of ways to solve your problem which are all very effective.

  2. Laura

    I think you would need to be at a point in your own practise that a physical manifestation wouldn’t actually scare the living crap out of you and I’m certainly not there yet.

    1. India

      This comment made me laugh because I totally agree! Since I believe that manifestations are largely influenced by our mental state at the time, having a subconscious fear or even slight apprehension from not knowing what to expect may cause our minds to protect us. I can admit to feeling nervous about a full-bodied physical daemonic manifestation, and maybe this is why so far I always seem to experience the daemons as a light,aura, or energy spike, as these sensations are easy to handle. I believe that whether your space or energy feels different, or you actually see a physical embodiment of the daemon, these are all equally valid signs of manifestation, and we have to learn to be attentive and open minded because we never know how the daemon will want to appear to us.

  3. S. Connolly

    Physical manifestation (of a Daemonic entity to physical form) is often one of those things that happens when it’s least expected, but needed for some reason. Sometimes we need a good scare or a more direct form of communication. Of course this is just my opinion (based on personal experience).


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