In with the old, in with the new!

I don’t see any problem with creating your own form of Demonolatry and / or using Traditional methods.

Traditional Demonolatry could be considered a perfected free-form Demonolatry. If you think about it, it had to start somewhere. Someone’s ancestor worked hard, wrote information down, and passed it on. Some families probably died out or lost interest, but others picked up the work, tried it, found more things that worked, and passed it on. This continued for years until the things that worked became traditional. We’re very lucky that Generational Demonolators share their traditions with us, because it’s something special to their family. The fact that families like this exist at all is something to be revered and cherished. It’s not a bad thing, or something to turn your nose up at out of jealousy.

Then again, change is equally valuable. If things stagnate they may become irrelevant or worse, die out. I highly doubt that the forefathers of Demonolatry did everything exactly like the Demonolators of today. Hecatean Magick by B. Morlan is an amazing book and a perfect example of how change can breathe new life into traditions. The author describes his family as a blend of Demonolatry on his maternal grandfather’s side and Traditional Witchcraft on his maternal grandmother’s side. The melding of those two sets of knowledge created a system unique to his family. For all I know right now, some of those rituals could become staples in my practice and be passed on to my potential future offspring (with credit, of course).

There’s also another option available. Perhaps you don’t like the idea of being traditional or blending two different paths. No one says you “have to” do anything. I’m still young and haven’t found my niche, maybe I’ll decide I want to try something completely different and add new avenues for people to consider when paving their own paths. If you use what you learn from tradition and push the limits of your creativity there’s no telling where you’ll end up. Spirituality is a very personal journey where there are no right or wrong answers. Maybe thinking outside of the box will lead to something your family will treasure generations from now? You never know unless you try.

Whether you stick to a traditional path, blend two paths, or create a third path is entirely up to you. I’d also like to point out that I think this is a great time to be a young Demonolator. We have wonderful authors and resources available to us and our entire lives ahead of us to help keep the magic alive for future generations…as long as we don’t drop the ball.