I believe the reworking of all grimoires to be an inevitability. Never before has occult knowledge been so readily available to those who seek it. Even in ancient times when such knowledge was more prevalent, I doubt the level of availability could rival the internet. But at the same time, the traditional grimoires have never been so inadequate at serving the needs of contemporary occultists. The days of blasting rods and circles of binding are over. At least for many of us. And as almost all of the traditional grimoires approach ritual and summoning from this angle, most modern day occultists don’t don’t find much pertinent, applicable knowledge from those texts. Which leaves very few options for the modern day practicing magician. One must either discover some long-lost hidden pre-Christian text that describes respectful evocation and summoning, or create their own. The only exception to this would seem to be generation Demonolatry grimoires handed down through families. But in that case they would be exactly that, for family use, and not available to the general public.

But this is not to say that there is nothing to be learned from the old texts. To the contrary, knowing what has come before is essential to being able to move into the future. Personally, I believe we are entering a time of great occult expansion, when we will experiment and refine the old traditions. We will explore the past and create the future. Now, as the weight of religious intolerance and discrimination is beginning to lift, we are called upon to discover.