Introduction to Tarot – 5 Week Course

Introduction to Tarot.

5 week class. 1 Hour.

Saturdays at 2pm EST beginning June 30, 2018 and ending July 28, 2018.

This class is will cover the basics needed to be able to start using tarot in your magickal practices or to help you on your path in reading cards for friends, family, and clients.

In addition to delving into the Major and Minor Arcana, we will also discuss how to choose future decks and why having multiple decks can be helpful, the importance of colours and numbers, and will go over several types of spreads.

$60 for general public, $50 for Temple of Atem members or students in the Pre-Initiate program.

Depending on how many sign up for the class, either Skype or Zoom will be used.

You do not need to have a deck available for the first class, but for the subsequent classes a physical deck will be needed. If you are new to Tarot it is recommended that you get a Rider-Waite deck or Rider-Waite based deck to use. If you have a deck and are unsure if it is suitable please contact me and I will be more than happy to let you know.

Please message Shaelyn at with any questions or to sign up.

Deadline to sign up June 23, 2018.