July 2021 Tarotscope

Hello again! Welcome to the July Tarotscope.

This month, I used the Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans. This deck possesses a strong hand-drawn aesthetic and is composed of black-and-white ink drawings with cleverly placed rainbow accents. Readers with sight problems may have difficulties with the guidebook’s handwritten font and this style choice carries over into the artist’s other projects. That said, the Wild Unknown Tarot works beautifully with its two companions, the Wild Unknown Animal and Archetypes decks. The decks support each other thematically and artistically, though readers certainly don’t need all three. I enjoyed working with them last month, and will definitely be adding them as a team to my arsenal. That said, let’s get onto July’s cards!

All Signs – Father of Wands, Aries – 10 of Cups, Taurus – The Devil, Gemini – The Sun Reversed.

All Signs – The Father of Wands – The cobra waits to strike, storing energy in its powerful coils. It does not waste its venom on false attempts, instead relying on patience for the ideal moment. While we may not find the perfect second to act this month, the cobra suggests that all signs should use their magnetism and charm to lure what they want closer throughout July — and then pounce! In other words, save up your creative enthusiasm for the right time and place.

Aries – Ten of Cups – This month sees the completion of a goal dear to your heart, Aries, and it fills you with happiness and excitement. This is an excellent emotional period for you — and a wonderful time to be near you. Good vibes roll off you in waves. Channel the power of positivity towards your next success. Ask yourself: what comes next?

Taurus – The Devil – Liar, liar, pants on fire, Taurus! Sadly, you’re only lying to yourself. The Devil card says what was once a dalliance for you has now become a dependency. In July it’s time to deal with the behaviors that hold you back, whether you are addicted to unhealthy people or substances.

Gemini – The Sun Reversed – Are you putting the summer weather to good use, Gemini? Lower energy levels this month indicate you may be having some difficulty shaking off the winter blues. The timing couldn’t be better to get a little Vitamin D from the Sun. As you soak up its rays, let them burn off some of the fog in your brain and fill you with vitality. Just remember to wear the proper sunscreen!

Cancer – 3 of Cups Reversed, Leo – 10 of Swords Reversed, Virgo – Ace of Wands, Libra – 8 of Swords, Scorpio – 4 of Pentacles, Sagittarius – The Fool Reversed.

Cancer – Three of Cups Reversed – You will have multiple opportunities to celebrate this month, Cancer, but are you truly letting your hair down? Something is stopping you from being yourself when you gather with friends and family. It keeps you from completely relaxing, from having the best time you can. In July, you have to ask yourself whether being safe is worth never being at peace.

Leo – Ten of Swords Reversed – Don’t despair, Leo. There’s nowhere to go now but up. More importantly, you know the obstacles to watch out for as you climb your way back to the top. It may still be a path lined with sharp swords, but you can make it, especially if you forgive yourself for the fall.

Virgo – Ace of Wands – July is filled with fresh ideas and projects, and the heady rush of creativity makes you want to jump in with both feet. Prioritize as best you can. As much as you want to do everything, try to remember you are only one person. What really gets your blood pumping?

Libra – Eight of Swords – You long to fly, Libra, but an obstacle stops you from spreading your wings. In July, your view of the situation shifts and you realize the risk is worth the reward. Take honest stock of the problem as you move forward, and admit if you have played any part in creating the issue.

Scorpio – Four of Pentacles – This card indicates your hard work has paid off with a time of financial security. This is definitely good news on both the career and home front, Scorpio. It took a lot of control to get to this place. The thing is, can you let go when necessary? You’ll have to decide to pull or cut strings in July.

Sagittarius – Fool Reversed – Some may look before they leap, but not you! You’re too eager to take off to worry about anything that might hinder you this July. Besides, that’s part of the learning process, right? Good thing fledglings are known for looking a little silly during their first flights. Have fun, Sagittarius! You’ll fit right in! 

Capricorn – 8 of Pentacles, Aquarius – 4 of Swords R, Pisces – Mother of Swords Reversed.

Capricorn – Eight of Pentacles – In this card, a spider web snags eight ‘flies.’ The Eight of Pentacles says you will likewise have an opportunity to take advantage of your skills or artistry this month. You’re close to that next level towards mastery, but real discipline is required to overcome the hurdle, Capricorn. Don’t give up. You can do this.

Aquarius – Four of Swords Reversed – Stress from outside sources hangs over you this month, Aquarius. Make sure to take the time to rest and recuperate in July. You possess the inner strength and calm necessary to get through this hard period if you allow yourself to call upon your reserves. Meditation or breathwork could be of assistance.

Pisces – Mother of Cups Reversed – July sees you in a flap, Pisces. But before you attack be sure exactly who the wronged party is. Are your emotions clouding your insight in this situation? Ask your deepest self how to proceed before moving, or you could only make matters worse in the long run.

That brings us to a close for July. I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief look at the Wild Unknown Tarot, and that it has brought you some insight for the month ahead. If you require a more in-depth Tarot, Oracle, or Daemonic card reading, my listing is available here and on my website.  I’m booking my summer readings now, so get in while you can!

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See you in August!