Let me introduce you to a personal friend of mine…..

The word “evangelical” has negative connotations, at least for most of us. It is about annoying people entering our lives without invitation. It’s about pushing their ideas, usually Christian ones, on to unsuspecting men, women, and children. They impose themselves on our lives by knocking on our doors, buying air time on our air waves, and leaving tracts on our cars, with the intent of spreading the “gospel”. This is how most of us think of “evangelism”, including myself. These people are attempting to save the “lost” and add more names to their personal “book of life”. It would be funny if it weren’t a little bit sad.
Evangelism in Satanism or Demonolatry doesn’t have to be like that. I do identify myself as a Satanist and a Demonolator. I have always be somewhat guarded of who I allowed to know that about me. The tenets of Satanism and Demonolatry have made that easy. I am not expected to go out and spread the Satanic word. But I do think that if I am asked about my beliefs, extolling its virtues would not be a terrible thing. I will admit that I would like to see more Satanists and more Demonolators. But Christians and those that are more like Christian Satanists have really dirtied the concept of evangelism. They make it about being better in their chosen god’s eyes. They attempt to make the person being evangelized feel badly about their choices. And the kicker they bring is that if they stay that course, there will be punishment waiting for them at the end of their lives. This is true for both Christians and Satanic Christians. What I would like to see happen is that we as Satanists and Demonolators share our beliefs with those that show interest. And once interest is obvious, follow up on that. We don’t have to hound them, or make a pest of ourselves. What a person has as a belief is their own business. But I would like to see the Satanic community and the Demonolatry community is more open to those that show interest in the Demons. I would like to see us take these misguided Satanic Christians, and with the sharing of knowledge move them away from their twist on another religion and towards a more intellectual approach to the universe and to self-knowledge. In this vein I would support evangelical Satanism and Demonolatry. The more serious people involved the stronger the community could become. Of course that also depends on the caliber of the people involved. I believe in evangelizing Satanism and Demonolatry but with an eye to a type of elitism as well. This path is not for everyone, which is why full on, Christian type, evangelism would not be possible. There has to be capability as well as desire. Sharing with others what Satanism and Demonolatry have done for us could be a good thing, and something I would like to see more of. This would make me a type of Evangelical Satanist. But don’t run away quite yet, I have no plans to knock on your doors, buy any airtime, or leave any Satanic tracts on your cars. But if there is an interest, I am willing to share.

3 thoughts on “Let me introduce you to a personal friend of mine…..

  1. Melissa Shuster

    I am very interested in Demonolatry. There is a wealth of “information” on the web but so much of what I see seems to be heavily influenced by Hollywood and Christianity. I would very much like to learn more and get to know someone who actively practices.
    I was raised in a Christian home and taught all of the “sins” that we are not to involve ourselves in. I have long ago left the strappings of “Christianity” behind me, however, and firmly believe that there is a more intelligent path to be traveled.

  2. Nocturne

    Good Evening. This is just the right type of post I was looking for to comment in. I am very interested in the beliefs of Demonolatry! I have been looking inside myself for the answers to what my beliefs are and have been searching online AND in new age bookstores. Unfortunately most of what I found was this christianized intimidation garbage! The only thing that I have found so far are books by an author named “Konstantinos”, and guidance by a few Pagan high priestesses. I feel like I am just going around in a circle because most of my sources are wiccan or have christian ideaologies. Neither of which I find to suit me 100%. They only provide little hints and ideas, but not a valuable source.
    I am hoping to recieve a reply from someone who can teach me your ways. =3: If you would like to share your beliefs with me I will gladly check back periodically for a replying comment, or you can email me at the address that I provided in the email box above (if the email addresses are viewed by your moderators).

  3. Tamar

    Hi there. Like those that have replied before me, I’m also interested in Demonolatry and Satanism as a whole. I’ve been steadily drifting toward the ‘left hand path’ for a while now. I was raised christian, though not as strictly as some. I have been searching on the web for info on Satanism and such for a while. I came across Lavey, who has some wonderful philosophy and ideas, but ultimately it just didn’t fit with me and what I believe. I also stumbled across the Joy of Satan and the Church of Azazel and countless others. I’m fairly new to Demonolatry though, having only started reading up on it a few weeks ago. It’s a bit difficult to sieve through all the propaganda and bogus sites and scripts, etc. As a result I’m not entirely sure when I’m reading about a legitimate Demonolater’s experiences and ideas or when it’s just anti-christian rebellion. I am very much interested in learning more about Demonolatry. As for the subject of Satanism, I think it might be best if I work on my relationship with Satan on my own. I have found a lot of worthwhile information and food for thought from Lavey and others, but ultimately feel that it might be something I have to decide for myself. I have gotten some reassurance from others here who also mentioned that Satanism is a very personalized religion. But either way, I would like to come into contact with others who are legitimate Demonolaters and Satanists and not just people with a grudge against christianity who are shock-value Satanists. I enjoyed this post, by the way. If the admins can see my email address, I would be glad if anyone would like to get into contact with me to share your knowledge and beliefs. Like I said, I’m in the butt end of the world and getting anything reliable around here is a pain.


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