Magickal Goals and You, and you and you and….

This is my first outing into anything even semi public for my thoughts and imagination.  So as the man said to the proctologist, “Be gentle”.

      First up is setting magickal goals.  The more I looked at this subject, the more questions I asked myself.  Which isn’t always a good idea if you are out and about and asking the questions out loud.  But I accepted the odd looks and continued to ask away.  First I wondered how is this any different then setting any old goal?  We all set goals all the time.  I set the goal two weeks ago that I would have my Christmas tree down by the beginning of the new year.  It’s still up.  I haven’t even made moves towards it in case it has the power to draw me in.  So how is a magickal goal any different from any other run of the mill day in and day out goal?  This is just my opinion, but usually magickal goals involve the Demonic Divine in some way.  Either by invoking their help or by simply asking for their presence.  Maybe asking for their advice or maybe just getting a feel for their thoughts on the matter.  The other question I asked myself was, who makes the magickal goal?  Is it just me that decides on something that I want to accomplish?  On the surface the answer to this would be yes.  I make my own decisions.  I know where I want to focus my energy.  Be it magickal or mundane.  Right?  Well not always.  Even in every day life some goals make themselves known regardless of my wants or desires.  For instance, a flat tire is discovered before work.  The goal of getting to work has now changed to first changing the tire to eventually getting new tires.  This goal imposed itself upon me.  The same can be said for magickal goals.  Most times I am in control.  I choose what my next magickal goal will be.  But sometimes circumstances dictate what the next goal will be.  Illness, for example, can bring up another magickal goal straight to the forefront.  Sometimes the choice of what goal is taken out of our hands by the Demonic.  Many of us have had the occasional nudge into a direction we weren’t expecting.  Sure, the decision is ultimately ours to make, but if there is a goal the Demonic Divine wants you to have, chances are good you will find that will eventually be your goal as well.  So is magick something that is just thrust upon us?  Something we may or may not have any control over?  Is it something special or is the same as vowing to take down a tree before the end of the new year?  Magick is something special.  That is innate in the word itself.  It is something by our will in conjunction with the Demonic.  In order to set any goals for ourselves in magick we need to listen to the Demonic.  If we don’t do that, setting goals in magick would be as random as saying random words in a different language without any knowledge of those words.  Once the goal is set to listen to the Demonic, then all other goals could be worked upon.   All of us know how to set goals, and we know to break those goals down into manageable portions.  But with magickal goals we don’t always take it to the other level.  Magickal goals are symbiotic in nature.  It is our will.  But it is also the Demonic’s will.  And we set our voices and our vibrations to harmonize with the Demonic.  Together is when we are able to set magickal goals.

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  1. dl

    I agree in the sense we are often guided by the Daemonic Divine to a certain aspect or goal. For example, recently I had been working in the necromantic arts working with Anpu, Euronymous, Thanatos, Hekate…etc (death daemons). It was not long that a close friend passed away. Dealing in the currents, when I went to the service I felt so, so, heavy. The burden was almost too much. I took a slight detour in my goals and work at that point. Taking a break. My patron stepped in and guided me back and enfused me with strength and darkness, before being put back on the path of Necromancy. So yes, I so agree with you in working our goals in conjunction with the Daemonic divine. Thanks for your article.


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