May passed me by

Hope you all had a Happy First Rite of Leviathan. I’ve been slacking on my beginning of the month posts. Today, S. Connolly called me on it and told me to get on the ball. She was right to do so.

Some things you may want to know. I am behind in doing A LOT of uploads. If there is a file that is supposed to be uploaded here and you need it right away, please let me know and I’ll get it to you.

Second, copies of the Melissa Press title Infernal Colopatiron are going to be scarce really soon, so if you’ve been wanting a copy, order one soon! If you are looking for a discounted copy, contact me at , We do have a few lightly used or slightly damaged copies available. Those usually go for half price, which is nice. They all look to be in relatively decent condition.

This month’s topic is Prayer! We ask the bloggers:¬†Where does prayer fit into your practice. Enjoy the blogs and participate in the discussion!