New Year Rituals

So many people start the new year with resolutions and goals, and by February 1st, it’s all out the window. So what can we do to better prepare ourselves for the changes we’d like to make?

Why not try a new year ritual?


A new year divination for yourself can be a solid regular ritual to perform to give you a heads-up on what the year ahead might bring. Forewarned is forearmed and you can plan accordingly. If you don’t feel you can be objective enough, hire another reader to take a look for you. I generally hire someone to do my astrology and year ahead readings for me. Not because I can’t do it for myself, but because I’ve learned I need the perspective.

Cursing Bad Habits/Situations

Buy a small houseplant. Through the first week of January, on small slips of paper, write down all the habits you’d like to break, or bad situations you’d like to be rid of. At the end of the week, collect all those pieces of paper and burn them (or rip them up), and then bury the ashes or bits of paper in with the small houseplant. Let the houseplant die, and along with it, the habits and situations you wish to be rid of. Once the plant is dead, offer it back to the earth by leaving it in an outdoor sacred space, or a compost pile. For those who live in an apartment, you might go to a park or empty lot and leave the plant there (keep the pot so you’re not littering).

Creating Affirmations and Goals

Write down your immediate, short-term, and long-term goals on a sheet of paper. Then rephrase them. Example:

I will get that managerial position becomes I am a strong leader/manager.

Add to it, I have the strength and diplomacy of Lucifuge [or your Daemonic force of choice] within me – I am a strong leader!

Do that with each goal. For two weeks, read these affirmations to yourself once a day. You should start seeing changes manifesting.

Working Ritual with Daemons to Help Hold You Accountable

This is a good time of year to petition the Daemonic to help hold you accountable to your goals simply by doing a standard request ritual to the Daemonic powers of your choice.

Here’s to a prosperous, healthy, and happy 2020 to all of you!

1 thought on “New Year Rituals

  1. Robert Bradley

    I have started off the new year by ordering and reading a lot of your books. Rising Darkness is just superb! On the par with HP Lovecraft’s best!! I am also reading about your take on spirit/Ouija boards. Drawing Down Belial and The Daemonolater’s Guide to Daemonic Magic says what other experts have said about spirit boards. They are not toys. I have 10 of them including 2 I have made myself. One is an 100 year old used Ouija board!!! I want to take part in a session and meet a daemon but as of now lack the meditations and medium skills to do so. I hope to improve on this. My Infernal Colopatiron from Lulu is being PRINTED!!! There are no on hand copies of the complete edition in hardcover. Thanks again S. Connolly/Audrey Brice/S. Arianna!!!


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