October Spiritus

Welcome to October, People of the Org.

This month the bloggers take on the topic of spiritual Demonolatry. What does it mean to live a spiritual life? How does one deepen their own spiritual connection to the Demonic Divine?  What practices do very spiritual people uphold? All of these questions are fair game this month.

Also, for those of you solitaries looking for an opportunity for group worship, see the OFS’s first ever experimental online public ritual via a live video conferencing feed through Any Meeting. It’s a public Rite to Eurynomous. While it will cost a little to attend (unless you have a scholarship or discount code) to keep the meeting ad free, it should be fun. I might be there myself. Afterward, S. Connolly will do live readings for those who have requested them and a discussion of the ritual will ensue. All you have to do is log in, in front of the computer, and watch. There will be a chat box available, but please know that all participants cameras and microphones will be disabled so there is no noise feedback and so the ritual won’t be interrupted by technical difficulties (hopefully). It’s the next best thing to attending a live ritual. There was talk of having two cameras set up so that you can get different views of the ritual chamber. Also, several experienced attendees will be there so if you have a question during the live ritual you can type them into the chat box and one of those participants might be willing to answer, though you can hold your questions to the end.  There are currently over fifteen people signed up to attend.  Please go to Any Meeting first to learn how to use the online interface  in advance and to find out how to get help if your video freezes etc…  While the ritual is in progress there will be NO TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE. For best results, use a wired connection and make sure you have a cable modem or a very fast connection. The better your computer and the stronger your connection, the fewer issues you’ll likely have. Also, Chrome users might have to disable their Flash plugin if they are getting screen freezes.  Those who experience severe technical difficulties may be eligible for a refund. If you do find yourself logged out at any time during the event, just log back in.

If you have questions about the above this event, contact me at demonolatry.org@gmail.com. Put OFS Rite to Eury in the subject header.   Watch for more live streaming video events including both free and paid webinars.

Frank F. Domovoi