Ogham of the Month

As most of you know, I love divination tools. From Oracle cards to Runes, from Tarot to Crystals my collection is always growing and I am always on the lookout for something different.

About 2 years ago I was drawn to a new tool and it has since become one of my favourites: the Celtic Ogham. Comprised of 20 sticks or staves, each with one letter of the Ogham alphabet engraved into it. These letters correspond to a certain wood and many sets are created with the appropriate wood to go with its letter.

This month I pulled the stave for Oak, or Duir. Oak symbolizes strength, endurance, new paths and doors, and also protection and leadership. The Celtic name of Duir is thought to be derived from ‘door’ and refers to its association as a doorway to inner strength.

Oak has always been regarded as one of the most sacred trees. Sometimes called the “Lightning Tree,” the Oak tree has been associated with the sky Gods. Its magickal attributes include truth, wisdom, authority, leadership, and personal sovereignty.

I pulled shortly after having a conversation with my daughter who is finding her own inner strength to move ahead with a major career decision. As I sat here and meditated on the stave I started to think about how appropriate it was given the new-normal and how many new doors and paths have opened up. We have learned new ways of working, teaching, and living. Even if they did try us at times, we endured and came through it.

It is also an invitation to delve deeper into ourselves and see what might be holding us back from opening new doorways. With spring leading to longer days and ample light, maybe it’s a good time to shine some light onto what is holding us back.