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This guest post written by HP, HLP, SP Mark

I wanted to write about “some basics” this time. We, as a community, often times overlook or forget about the basics. We’re all guilty (admit it) of at one time or another thinking of jumping to advance rituals and/or workings without learning or strengthening the basics. I would argue that meditation is the single most important thing you need to learn, master and practice some more. Meditation puts us in tune with the Demonic. Meditation allows us to shut off our chattering brain so we can actually receive any message that is trying to be sent our way. It’s the first thing I ask someone about when they tell me, “nothing is working” or “I call to the spirits but nothing happens”. “Are you meditating regularly?” I ask. Usually the answer is “no, that’s boring.”

If it’s boring, you’re probably doing it wrong. Most people don’t want to come out of a good meditation. I’m not going to go too deep into meditation here as I want to focus more on prayer. Also, to cover it properly would just take too long. If you are part of House of Delepitoré, I have free classes on meditation posted.I do however, want to stress the importance of meditation and if you aren’t doing it, you should be. It’s the first thing I try to drive into my students head. Meditate!

So, let’s look at prayer. Prayer is a great way to start and/or end your day. Prayer is a great way to communicate, to receive guidance, to show honor and admiration. Prayer is powerful. I can’t think of any religion that doesn’t have some sort of prayer. Maybe there is but, I can’t think of any. If you are just starting out in Demonolatry, you are probably thinking what prayers do I use. I don’t know any. What am I going to do? Fear not, devil worshipper, I can help you out. First, I recommend getting Daemonic Prayer and Prayer Cords by S. Connolly.

It’s (in my opinion) the best place to start for determining what prayers to use. Now, it is good to use “established” prayers but you should also create your own. Stephanie covers that in her book but I am going to go over my take on that here. Take it or leave it. The only thing it will cost you is the time to continue reading. Perhaps a more simplified version. The importance of any prayer, whether you wrote it or someone else, is when we pray, we are in a specific state of mind. Everything else is put aside and you are saying, “Hey, Satan. I am devoting this time to you. I am thinking about you. I am talking to you. What I have to say is important.” Satan is my Patron so, I will be using him for my examples.

The power of prayer is real. Prove it? On the same time every morning for the next week, say a devotional prayer to (insert Demon here). Track how it feels after each prayer session. Do you feel a stronger connection after each day of prayer? You should.

“How am I supposed to write my own prayer?” I’m glad you asked. We want to address who we are praying to and what we want. Do we want to show devotion, ask for something or maybe a little of both? Let’s do something like this: Lord Satan, see me. Lord Satan, hear me. Lord Satan, let my energy combine with yours to make me a better and stronger person in body and spirit. Guide me in my decisions. Let my actions honor you. Let me learn from my mistakes but protect me from harm. All this I ask in my Lord Satan. Hail Satan. Ave Satanas.

Of course this is a simple example. So many people I talk to think they can’t write their own prayers. They think unless the prayer was published or recited over a few thousand times at a church that it doesn’t work. This isn’t cooking. Prayer books are not cook books. Prayers should come from your heart. Make it your own. Make it special. Most importantly is to just do it and not over think it. There is no magic formula for prayers. The occultist’s worst enemy is themselves when they only talk about doing instead of actually doing it. Whether it’s prayer, magick, rituals, whatever. Get off your ass and do it.

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  1. Mark Ceadogain

    Of course we need to keep up with basic ground work. No musician would just turn up for gigs but dismiss practice as boring. Neither would any sports player. If occultism is as involved and as important as those things then it to requires basic and regular training exercises. Without the time i put into mine, i would not be getting the depth of experience that i do.
    Mark Ceadogain

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