Research is boring and I’ll tell you why

I didn’t post early this month for two reasons. One because I was busy and two because when it comes to sex magic, that stays in my temple and I guess I subscribe to the idea that it isn’t something you discuss in polite company. That’s when I told myself I could conclude none of you are polite and talk about it anyway, but then I realized I have nothing to say about the topic of sex and spirituality that is really worth saying aside from this: we are sexual creatures, we are divine creatures, and so there is a divine aspect to sexuality.  Sex is an act of creation as is magic. I can’t say I know a great deal about sex magic except that I’ve dabbled in it with my performance of Atem Beleth  and the result was my beautiful daughter, soon to be three.  Nor have I researched the topic to any great extent.

I’ve never been one for research anyway. Sure, knowing history is fine but when it comes to magic I care less about history and more about results. Anyone else here feel the same way? Or am I alone? I meet a lot of people who seem to think that research is everything and that rituals are worthless if they aren’t over a hundred years old,  aren’t documented or verified authentic with the British museum (as being old, not actually whether or not it works), and whether or not there’s a forum somewhere on the internet dedicated to said ritual. I’m not one of those kinds of people. I base my view of rituals and magic on whether they work, so you won’t impress me with your five hundred year old ritual if it doesn’t work.

I feel this way about all magic equally. It’s the reason there are certain publishers I don’t read because history and research interests me less than someone’s personal experience actually doing a ritual and that is far less interesting than me doing it myself. When it comes to the esoteric I need proof that goes beyond what some guy in the 16th century wrote. Maybe this is, in part, what makes me the ass you all know today. Yes, I also apply this criticism to goetia and to demonolatry rituals including stuff like Atem Beleth and Kasdeya and the old ascension formulas.

It either works or it doesn’t. Save your research for college papers and boring magicians who want to waste their time philosophizing and nit picking details instead of doing. If you want to know more about sex magic, I suggest giving it a try and drawing your own conclusions instead of reading the conclusions of others, but that’s me. Have a nice remainder of your July and I promise a post about meditation in August on my scheduled day.

1 thought on “Research is boring and I’ll tell you why

  1. Luke

    Good article! I’ll go even more blunt and say that researching can be a trap. It is one I have fallen into, and I know I am not alone.

    There comes a point when one should just DO, and stop reading about others opinions and experiences. This is where the Daemons are leading me. And for that, I am grateful. Not that there is anything necesaruly wrong about listening to others, but it’s not possible to internalize this knowledge without experiencing it for myself.

    Providing a starting point is enough spoonfeeding, in my opinion. Then let the Daemons do the teaching.

    This armchair researcher nonsense is probably a leftover from my xian days. To me, RHP seems to have a lock on social interactions, the LHP is much more individualistic (generally speaking). That took some getting used to.

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