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Writing/Creative Entrepreneur Mentorship/Coaching (Priced based on number of Sessions)

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I consistently get requests for mentorship and coaching for starting one's own creative business, or becoming a writer, and usually I turn people down because it takes a great deal of time to properly mentor someone and they usually want it for free.

That said, if you're serious about your business/career and looking for private mentorship/coaching, you can order sessions by the hour here (up to 9 sessions at a time). We will meet via Zoom, Skype, or other video conferencing software. An in-person coaching option is available to existing clients.

Many people will start with two sessions. The first session to really help them understand what they hope to gain from mentorship/coaching, and the second session to really dig into what they want.

About Coaching/Mentorship Sessions
I will contact you to set up your session dates and times. If you do not hear from me within 24 hours of your order, contact me at [email protected]
  • Make a list of all the things you want to know/learn from me ahead of time. It will make our sessions more productive.
  • We can discuss business plans, motivation, burn-out, publishing, and if you're needing a writing coach/developmental editor, I can do that, too. I will even read manuscripts (for an additional fee of $2 per page) and we can discuss it during a mentorship/coaching session.
  • All sessions are private and confidential.

ABOUT ME: I have a BA in English (Creative Writing/Literature), and have been working in the publishing industry professionally since 1996. I specialize in speculative fiction and esoteric non-fiction. I have worked in both traditional publishing and independent publishing. I have written & published over 100 books, over 200 articles and short stories/novellas, and have turned my love for writing/publishing into a full-time career by starting my own publishing company, Darkerwood Publishing Group, LLC.

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Welcome to Sephira Alchemy, the home of authentic, handmade Daemonolatry Products by S. Connolly (and sometimes friends). I recently discovered I had lost the spirit of what Sephira Alchemy was supposed to be. When I first began Sephira Alchemy, I did it because when I was trying a new formula or recipe, I’d make enough for myself and my friends, and if I had any left over, or if friends wanted more, I’d make extra and sell it. By doing it that way, I was doing what I LOVED. I was making oleums and incenses (and magickal items or prayer cords) when I was inspired to make them, and it brought me great joy. The last few years of running Sephira Alchemy, I discovered I didn’t like doing custom orders because I had to jump to make whatever other people wanted when they wanted it. It sucked the joy right out of this endeavor for me. I run Sephira Alchemy to support my love of alchemy, gardening, herbalism, and magick. That means that any money I make from this endeavor goes back into seeds, supplies, and packaging required for me to create my blends, tinctures, incenses, oleums, elixirs, and other products. Some items are seasonal.

Our products and stock are always changing. Please check back often to see what we have available.

NOTICE FOR OUR CUSTOMERS OUTSIDE THE U.S.: We will ship incenses, oils, soaps, potions, or teas to Canada, the UK, and Western Europe, but please know we’ve had difficulty with liquids, loose herbs, and customs over the years and will list these items as cosmetic lotions, potpourri, etc..

SHIPPING NOTICE FOR ALL CUSTOMERS: We ship priority mail by default (which for most places outside the U.S., is a minimum of $35 per order) . If you want us to ship first class instead, know that it will still incur a $10 handling fee (for the hour-long post office trip), and your order will not be insured or tracked, and therefore if it is lost in the mail it is ineligible for replacement or refund. Only orders sent by Priority mail have the added security of replacement or refund.