September 2018 – Week Long Daemonolatry Divination Intensive

Join us for this special event September 16-22, 2018

Sign-ups will be taken until the day before the course, but special divination packages won’t last, so sign up today!

(Please note that S. Grey is teaching a more in-depth 5 week tarot class, too.)

Two members of the traditional Daemonolatry Clergy –

HLP S. Connolly – is a Daemonolater, an occult author, and has over 30 years experience divining and working with Daemons.

AHLP S. Grey is a Daemonolater and professional reader, and has over 30 years experience in divination and spirit communication.
In this course we will teach you the ins and outs of everything from preparing and cleansing divination devices, preparation of the magician, Daemonic communication (including discernment), and will cover the areas of tarot, pendulum, scrying, sigil reading, ascension, and even discuss the use of spirit boards and other methods. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions in real time during FB Live videos (the class will be held on FB and students are recommended to friend Stephanie Connolly-Reisner so they can be put in the secret class group where videos and instruction will take place). Hands-on lessons will teach you how to use the various devices and why one would use them instead of direct communication, as well as methods of direct Daemonic communication.

General Class Outline:
Day 1- Preparing the tools and magician for Daemonic Divination
Day 2- Pendulums
Day 3- Tarot
Day 4- Sigil Divination
Day 5- Scrying
Day 6- Ascension + Direct Communication
Day 7- Final Thoughts
While you can watch the videos live, you will also be able to review them at your leisure, and the course material will stay up in the FB group for one year, giving you plenty of time to review it.

Students should have a tarot deck, a scrying device, and a pendulum available to them for use during the course exercises (which are not graded) to get the most from this class.

The base price for this course is $65

You can also get special packages.

There are 5 of these available for each of the following packages:
Tarot: includes class, one Rider Waite deck + Divination Oleum and Wormwood Tincture – $85.00 + Shipping   5 AVAILABLE
Scrying:includes class, one obsidian scrying ball + Divination oleum and Wormwood tincture – $85.00 + Shipping  5 AVAILABLE
Sigil: includes class, one Dukante sigil deck + Divination oleum and Wormwood tincture – $90.00 + Shipping  5 AVAILABLE
Pendulum: includes class, one pendulum + Divination oleum and Wormwood tincture – $75.00 + shipping  5 AVAILABALE
Book: includes class, signed Sigilum Diaboli & Drawing Down Belial + Divination oleum and Wormwood tincture – $95.00 + shipping  5 AVAILABLE

There are 10 of the following package:

All Inclusive: includes class, 1 Rider Waite deck, one scrying ball, one sigil deck, one pendulum, signed copies of Sigillum Diaboli & Drawing Down Belial, and Divination oleum and wormwood tincture set for $150.00 + shipping. (Please note that sigil decks and papberback copies of these books had not arrived at the time this photo was taken, and oleums and tinctures were not finished brewing.) Packages will ship in Late August and Early September.   10 AVAILABLE



5 thoughts on “September 2018 – Week Long Daemonolatry Divination Intensive

  1. Steve Cain

    Just wanted to make sure that you still have openings for the 7 day divination course. Is it too late to ship the all inclusive kit before the classes start. Thanks.

  2. Steve Cain

    Great, I will order the kit and register for the classes tonight. Just wanted to say that enjoyed your book, The Complete Book of Demonaltry and I’m looking forward to learning all I can. See you there!

  3. Lilith

    Hi there!

    I’d love to sign up for this course but I don’t have a FaceBook. Is one required to be added to the groups? I work a lot, so I probably won’t be able to come to live classes, just wondering if I’ll still be able to access the material without one.

    Thank you for your help!

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