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This is where we link to all offsite sources for our books! We have revamped our bookstore so it’s easier to find exactly what you’re looking for. We’ve also broken down our books between Beginner-Intermediate texts and Advanced texts so that readers can find the books at their skill level quickly and easily. To buy books and other Daemonolatry Products directly from us, click here —> Sephira Alchemy. Please note our inventory changes often.

Other Books Of Interest

My Name is Legion: For We Are Many – (DB Publishing 2012) Compiled & Edited by S. Connolly. Editorial Support: Tenebrae Accedit.  My Name is Legion is a compilation of personal “how I came to my spiritual path” stories of Theistic Satanists, Demonolaters, and others who practice “dark” pagan-based paths from all over the world. In their own words they explain how they chose their religion and why. Also included are artwork and poetry selections from practitioners.  B&N and Amazon Eventually will be available in eBook.

The Satanic Clergy ManualThe Satanic Clergy Manual is filled with practical advice and helps Priests with Sacerdotial Duties such as Counseling, Baptisms, Initiations, Weddings, Funerals, Blessings, Anointing, and Prayers. This manual is a must have for the clergy of Theistic-Satanic and Demonolatry churches, temples, organizations and groups for spur of the moment needs and reference. Also good for solitary practitioners seeking strength or comfort through prayer. (Also available on Amazon Kindle and the Nook)

Forthcoming Titles