All of the books on this page are very Demonolatry specific and speak directly to Demonolaters. See the Magickal texts page to find books written by Demonolatry magicians that are not necessarily Demonolatry specific, but still apply. All prices on these pages are estimated. You may find books cheaper on one site over another.

Books for Beginners to Intermediate Students + Reference

Abyssal Communion & Rite of Imbibement: These traditional workings, done alone or added as part of any ceremony or magickal rite, will add balance, beauty, and power to your regular practice of Daemonolatry. Learn the true symbolism, preparation, and performance of the Abyssal Communion and Rite of Imbibement. Two highly accessible rites for groups or solitary practitioners. Available in eBook, paperback, and hardcover temple editions!   Hardcover Temple Edition  |  Paperback  |  Kindle  | Nook  |

The Complete Book of Demonolatry ($25 depending on seller, more for hardcover) by S. Connolly (ISBN: 0-9669788-6-2 or 978-0-9669788-6-5) Trade Paperback, 402 pages, DB Publishing, July 2006. Just about everything a Demonolator needs to know about modern and traditional Demonolatry from Pre-Initiate to Adept. Includes all the information from Modern Demonolatry and Lessons in Demonolatry with further in-depth explanations on the existing matieral, more sigils, more lessons, and tons of added material including Hermetics, Demonolatry-based tablets, Sex Magick, Blood Rites, Sacrifice, Necromancy, and Ascension. It also includes a basic introduction to Demonolatry Magick. Hardcover or AMAZON or B&N

The Daemonolater’s Guide to Daemonic Magick ($35, but often on sale on Amazon, more for hardcover) – by S. Connolly & Various Contributors. This book is the ultimate Daemonic Magickal reference for the beginning to intermediate Daemonolatry magician. It includes everything from simple Daemonic witchcraft and herbalism to ceremonial magick Daemonolatry style. ISBN: 978-0-9788975-1-2 , Trade Paperback 512 pages, DB Publishing, November 30, 2009 Purchase on Hardcover, Purchase on AMAZON or at B&N

The Daemonolater’s Guide to Daemonolatry Groups offers wisdom and advice about finding a Daemonolatry group, group dynamics, leading a group, and leaving a group. Also included is a questionnaire about assessing one’s calling to the priesthood, information about Daemonolatry Denominations, as well as other information useful to group leaders or those considering starting their own group.  ABOUT THE AUTHORS:  M. Delaney has ran a Daemonolatry group in the offline world for over twenty years. S. Connolly has been involved with Daemonolatry groups, in numerous capacities, since 1988.  BUY NOW:  Amazon |  Barnes & Noble

Daemonolatry Goetia ($17)– by S. Connolly. Have you ever wanted to work with Goetia but were turned off by the evocations and the method of working? Then this book is for you. S. Connolly explains how to modify the Goetia to a more respectful, Daemonolatry method. Aside from conveniently listing correspondences, Enns and seals in a concise manner, she also includes additional insight into the seventy-two spirits not found anywhere else. 978-0966978827 Hardcover or AMAZON or KINDLE or B&N or Nook

Daemonic Offerings (Daemonolater’s Guide Series) – S. Connolly:  The Daemonolater’s Guide to Daemonic Offerings explains the what, when, why, and how of Daemonic offerings in a simple, easy to follow step-by-step guide. This chapbook covers everything from how to build an altar to a basic offering ritual. It also covers various types of offerings, including blood offerings and sacrifice, and which Daemons those offerings are appropriate to. Please note that this guide is for the complete beginner to Daemonic offerings.

Author’s Note: So the Daemonolater’s Guide series is a series of how-to chapbooks (or mini-guides) for the complete beginner, and will be covering a wide variety of topics based on the how-to’s I’m most frequently asked for. So it appears the second guide is out. It covers the basics every beginner should know about Daemonic Offerings. Enjoy!

BUY NOW!  | Amazon  |  Barnes & Noble

Daemonic Pacts (Daemonolater’s Guide Series) – S. Connolly: In this insightful chapbook, S. Connolly, well-known, successful Daemonolatress with over 30 years experience working with Daemons, goes into the do’s and don’t’s of successful Daemonic pact-making. If you’ve ever wanted to make a pact, thought about making a pact, or plan on making one, this book will demystify the process and make the practice accessible to you.

(Author’s Note: So here’s the thing – in the last month I’ve had no less than 20 people (some not even magicians) contact me about making pacts with Daemons. I want to state up front that this chapbook isn’t for those of you who already know what you’re doing. If you know what you’re doing and you’ve read my article on the matter in Bound by Blood and/or Anthology of Sorcery, then definitely skip this. I wrote this chapbook as an extension of my article “Pacts With Daemons: Selling Your Soul in the 21st Century”. It’s basically 40 pages explaining the how, why, when etc… of pact-making replete with explicit instructions for the beginner. I hope it helps those who need it! Barnes & Noble |  Paperback | Kindle |

Demonolatry Rites– collected & edited by S. Connolly (various authors). This book is a compilation of Demonolatry rites from groups and solitary practitioners. (Available on Amazon and Kindle in August 2010) Nook, Hardcover

Drawing Down Belial: Being a manual of Daemonic Divination, Ascension and Channeling for Daemonolater mediums and seers who wish to learn how to communicate and divine with the Daemonic. For the experienced, the text will help fine tune the practitioner’s senses, honing better communication skills with the Daemonic Divine. This book includes methods to prepare divination devices as well as tips and exercises to facilitate strong communication, as well as rituals to charge and dedicate tools and enhance each divination session. Included throughout are bits and pieces of Daemonic wisdom regarding the art of divination and Daemonic communication. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to divine, connect and communicate or you just want to sharpen your skills, this is the book for you. Purchasing Links: | Lulu Hardcover (soon to be on Amazon) | Paperback Amazon | Kindle | Nook | Kobo | Paperback from Distribution | Barnes & Noble Paperback |

Goetic Demonolatry– by Ellen Purswell. This chapbook is a brief treatise about Goetia and magick, written by an avid practitioner of the Goetic Demonolatry. (Available on Amazon Kindle ) Nook, Paperback: Amazon  Part of the DB Publishing Chapbook Series.

Honoring Death – Daemonolatry Necromancy ($9.99-$13.99)- S. Connolly. Honoring Death is the introductory text to the practice of Daemonolatry Necromancy. Included is a concise guide to the Daemons of Death as well as practical applications of necromancy in the modern world. Nook, Kindle, and Hardcover. Paperbacks: Amazon, B&N

Necromantic Sacraments ($3.99-$7.99) – S. Connolly. This chapbook is a companion ritual and invocation book to Honoring Death: The Arte of Daemonolatry Necromancy. It also serves as a supplement to Keys of Ocat: A Grimoire of Daemonolatry Nygromancye and completes the Daemonolatry triad of necromantic texts. All three books are currently being used for Funerary Priest Seminary Training within TTS.  Nook, Kindle, and Hardcover. Paperbacks: Amazon, Lulu Initial Release

Sanctus Quattuordecim ($7.99) M. Delaney. In the Sanctus Quattuordecim, generational Demonolator  M. Delaney shares 14 sacred sigils from his family journals (begotten from the Daemon Ba’al Peor 150 years ago as the family legend says) and explains how to use them. This is a book of sigil magick as much as it’s a book of demonic magick. Amazon Paperback. Part of the DB Publishing Chapbook Series.

Sex, Money & Power: (3.99 – 7.99) – S. Connolly. Do you want sex, money, and power? Are you willing to work with Daemons to do it? In the chapbook Sex, Money, & Power, S. Connolly directs those who want to use sorcery to gain all they desire with the power of the Daemonic. Inside, find Daemonic magick for wealth, fame, opportunity, sex, power, and influencing others!  B&N  |  Amazon  |

Sigillum Diaboli ($12.99) S. Connolly. Sigillum Diaboli is a complete guide to Daemonolatry-based sigil divination using both Dukanté and Goetic sigil sets. The book includes information on how to make your sigil sets, how to do a reading, and includes the divination meanings of over 85 Daemonic sigils.  Amazon Paperback, Lulu Hardcover, Kindle eBook, Nook eBook

For Intermediate to Advanced Practitioners

Infernal Colopatiron – S. Connolly This book is SOLD OUT.  See Abyssal Angels: Infernal Colopatiron Redux below.

Kasdeya Rite of Ba’al – ($34.99) by S. Connolly. This book of extended pathwork is for the adept Daemonolatry practitoner and shouldn’t be taken lightly. This is a book you work through. It outlines the traditional Kasdeya ritual in an easy to follow manner, saving the practitioner months of tedious preparation and making the ritual more accessible to the modern practitioner. Hardcover or AMAZON or B&N

Keys of Ocat ($85) by S. Connolly. he Keys of Ocat reveals the never before published Saturn rites, seals, and theophantic gate opening rituals of Ocat, the abyssal gatekeeper of the dead. Behind His gates dwell the Daemons of death including Euronymous, Balberith, Bune, Hekate, Frucisierre, and many others. These blood magick rituals, talismans and seals will aid the advanced magician in conjuring Daemons to speak with the dead, commune with death, and discover the true meaning of mortality and spiritual immortality.  Be forewarned, however, Ocat is not known to be a friendly gatekeeper to all magi who approach Him, and the Daemons behind His gates are some of the most terrifying of their nature.  Deluxe Edition Hardcovers Only available through THIS PAGE.

Keys of Death: A supplement to Keys of Ocat is an 8.5 x 11, 26 page, full color book showing the Death Tablets how they were meant for the practitioner to see them. The printed book not only explains the use of the tablets, but also explains their construction.  See this page for details.  Free PDF – the free PDF only shows the tablets. It does not explain their use, the tablets are smaller, and there is no explanation of their construction.

Abyssal Angels: Infernal Colopatiron Redux: (24.99 / 14.99 / 9.99)  The Abyssal Angels: Infernal Colopatiron Redux is a stripped-down-for-public-consumption version of the limited edition grimoire Infernal Colopatiron. It IS NOT The Infernal Colopatiron.  While this version doesn’t include the more dangerous parts of the original text, nor the detailed intricate instructions, it does give the advanced magician enough information about gate opening, theophany, and magick to facilitate personal experimentation. The Nuctemeron Gates is a good companion for this text.  Publisher’s Note: This text does not include some commentary, one chapter, and two key rituals from the original Infernal Colopatiron, all of which will never see a reprint.    Hardcover, Paperback, Kindle, Nook.

Free Demonolatry Books

Ater Votum: Daemonolatry Prayer – a compilation of Demonolatry prayer written by various contributors. Available as a FREE PDF on the Downloads page. Also available on  Kindle and in Paperback on Amazon. Part of the DB Publishing Chapbook Series

Modern Demonolatry – the classic, no frills 101 text. Available as a FREE PDF on the Downloads page and also available for your Nook and Kindle.

Hidden: Living With the Uninitiated – a mini-guide to offer support and ideas for practicing Daemonolatry while living with non-Daemonolaters. – Free PDF  |  Kindle  |  Nook | Paperback |

Scales of Ma’at: A Guide for the Incarcerated – a mini-guide to offer support and ideas for practicing Daemonolatry while incarcerated – Free PDF  |  Kindle  |  Nook | Paperback |

Modified Daemonolatry: A Guide for Daemonolaters With Disabilities & Illness – a mini-guide offering ideas and modifications for those who suffer from debilitating illness or whose disabilities require modification to ritual.-  Free PDF  |  Kindle  |  Nook | Paperback |