The following are novels are friendly to Demonolaters and written by Demonolaters or are considered occult fiction and have Demonolater and/or Satanist characters.


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Left Horse Black – $11.95 by S. J. Reisner. ISBN: 0966978870, Darkerwood Publishing Group, July 2006. The first in a fantasy series with the underlying theme of Demonolatry spirituality.

For centuries, the zealot Kersian sorcerers have abducted innocent women and children for sacrifice to their ‘no name’ god, and have waged war upon Danaria’s sorcerers. Now, they are covertly usurping the thrones of human-ruled kingdoms to do the unthinkable; they are building a massive human army to assist them in destroying Danaria’s sorcerer bloodlines in an attempt to save their own.

Armed with nothing more than meager weapons, untrained sorcery, and mere instinct, a troubled human prince, an inept Danarian sorceress, and their friends, rise up and become the world’s last hope to stop the Kersians, and save the sorcerers’ dying race. Will they succeed? Show More Show Less

The Midwest Book Review called this book “A rousing, tautly written adventure of high fantasy…” Also Available on Amazon KINDLE for $1.99 Other Online Options: B&N or Nook

Warrior’s Blood Red – $ 11.95 by S. J. Reisner. ISBN: 978-0-9669788-9-6, Darkerwood Publishing Group, July 2009 The second in the Sorcerers’ Twilight Series.

The Second of three prophesies has begun. For Sorceress Tnasha fen Schoitt, the mission seems simple — retrieve a magical weapon-of-mass-destruction from Northern Arkeereon before the Kersians do. But things didn’t go as planned… Now, in a race to retrieve the weapon and stop the destruction of the sorcerers’ race, Tnasha must enlist the help of two strangers, and the men sent to assassinate her, or risk losing everything. Meanwhile, the Kersian Empire is on the verge of a change, and not for the better. Will Tnasha be able to retrieve the weapon in time? Show More Show Less

Also Available on Amazon KINDLE for $1.99 . Other Online Options: B&N or Nook


Outer Darkness – $ 10.50 by Audrey Brice ISBN: 978-0-9788975-2-9 Darkerwood Publishing Group, August/September 2010. A contemporary occult/paranormal mystery with a Daemonolatress heroine and Satanist supporting character.

When socialite Chloe Brigid is murdered and the crime seems to have occult overtones, outed daemon worshiper Senator Steve Mitchell is arrested. It’s up to magus Elizabeth Tanner, the public figurehead of the Ordo Templi Serpentis, to find out who outed the senator and who killed Chloe Brigid before the senator is falsely accused of the crime and The Order is investigated. What she finds, however, is not what she expects. It seems some people within The Order are not who they seem to be, and a past transgression has come back to haunt Elizabeth and destroy The Order once and for all. The killer’s attention soon turns toward her. Will she be able to help the police find the killer before she becomes the next victim? 

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Into Darkness – $10.50 by Audrey Brice ISBN 978-0978897536  (Darkerwood Publishing Group: April 2012).

Magus Elizabeth Tanner has been gifted some cursed magickal items. While trying to break the curse, she and her boyfriend Michael become suspects in a murder they didn’t commit. To clear their names they must find the real killer by delving into a dark bdsm underworld where sex magick and the Daemonic meet. Will they be able to find a killer, clear their names, and escape their descent into darkness?

Amazon Kindle. Other online options: B&N or Nook


Rising Darkness (OTS #3) Audrey Brice  ISBN 978-0978897574   Darkerwood Publishing Group (November 3, 2013)

Amid the glamour and lights of Hollywood, Elizabeth Tanner and her companions are back, this time investigating paranormal activity in the Beverly Hills mansion of famed actress, Kylie Ramone. The estate’s haunted, dark history is the reason the Daemon worshiping starlet bought the property to begin with. When their investigations uncover an underground temple where the spirit of a dead Satanic priest demands sacrifice, Liz and her friends find themselves lingering on the precipice of an open portal to the other side.

In a dangerous battle between the living and the dead, can Liz and her friends summon a Daemonic force powerful enough to destroy the rising darkness and save Kylie Ramone’s life?

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