Workshops: Practical Application + Demonstration

All workshops will be done ONLINE via a video chat through Skype. These workshops will demonstrate practical application and encourage student participation through discussion. Registration for all 2017 workshops available below!  Classes are limited to 8 students per class. No refunds, no recordings. If you reserve a place in the class, pay the bill, and don’t show up, I will not refund your money.

All times are MOUNTAIN TIME. To convert to Eastern time, add two hours. For Central, add an hour. For Pacific, subtract an hour. If you need help with time conversion in the continental U.S., contact me at

All of the classes on this page are 1-2 hour lecture, question and answer sessions, and contain demonstrations or meditative exercises. Bring a note pad, a pen, your questions, and an open mind. All students will receive a copy of the presentation and if the class is recorded, a link to the recording.



Workshops by S. Connolly for 2018 — coming soon….


8 Responses to Workshops: Practical Application + Demonstration

  1. Brad Smith says:

    I missed the Goetia workshop and was wondering if or when this ill be offered again. Thanks.

  2. Ron Raider says:

    I really enjoyed the recent class, in July 2015, on ‘Daemonolatry Planetary Magick’. The class and subject material was excellent and I felt it was well-worth the money for the fee. I learned a lot of information in a very short time. I really enjoyed being able to communicate with one of my favorite occult / daemonolatry authors. S. Connolly is a great teacher!

  3. Mary says:

    I work on Sunday’s is there a way to view the classes at a different time?

  4. Jeff Bryant says:

    Just found this site. Exactly as was explained in last nights dream. I asked before bedtime to be led to a mentor/ learning center for further instruction and Walaah! Here I am…funny things come together..

  5. Ronald Raider says:

    I just enrolled in all 4 workshops. I have taken online workshops with Steph in the past and they are great! A lot of fun and highly informative. I am looking forward to these — hooray!

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