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  1. Adrian says:

    Hi, I would like to attend the Abyssal Communion Ceremony! How do I pay for it. I have been on a solitary path with the majority of my training coming from books and classical training programs. I have branched out and am working on becoming part of my local pagan community and learning what I can from resources online. I am familiar with the various forms of Abjuration, Divination, Enchantment but have not evoked any type of spirit nor invoked a godform. I believe I am now ready to learn these techniques as I work to become a more effective Sorcerer. Thank you for putting resources on the web to help those who are willing to learn. Blessed be.

    • S. Connolly says:

      Adrian — click on the link that says REGISTER FOR THIS EVENT. The one right below the description of the Abyssal Communion. Then you fill out the registration form, submit your payment via paypal, and that’s it.

  2. Crow says:

    For the Rite to Eury, do you have any recommendations for a non-initiate. Oct. 30th will mark the tenth anniversary of someone very close to me who passed away. This feels like a fitting thing to take part in.

    • S. Connolly says:

      Crow, I will be sending out an email for participants tomorrow that outlines how they can participate. If you don’t want to participate, you would merely sit back, watch, and listen. Of course I do want to point out that watching ritual if you aren’t participating in some way — is akin to watching cement dry.

  3. Debra Rutz says:

    I have registered for the Rite to Belial; would it be possible to get some info on participating in the ritual? Thank-you

  4. Debra Rutz says:


  5. Brandon says:

    Hi Stephanie. As we are now in the middle of Summer and the opposite to the Northern hemisphere there is definitely no Winter slumber so I would like to know if this makes a difference in the Rite to Belial.

    • S. Connolly says:

      Brandon – thank you for bringing this up. Our Winter Solstice is your Summer Solstice. So you’d be honoring Flereous this time of year. You would work the seasonal rites like normal. When it’s the Spring Equinox there, you’d work with Lucifer, etc… even though we’re working with Leviathan for our Autumn Equinox on this side of the world.

  6. Sophie H. says:

    Hello. I stumbled upon your site while looking for another Spiritual Satanist resource (my standard being Joy Of Satan. I’m only 14, but I really want to be involved with Satanism. Can the temple allow those under 18?

  7. HNJAYE JESSE says:

    I wanted to buy a quick tarot reading but my Visa card provider declined payment via PayPal. Is there an alternative to this kind of hindrance.

    In your book: Sex, money and power, you advise that I get drawings of sigils at this website but I failed to get them. Please help me.

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