Readings & Magickal Work

We offer readings and other services by our site contributors who are established practitioners. Each of our readers offers something unique so you’re sure to find a reading to meet your specific needs.

S. Connolly  – Is a Daemonolatress (HP, HLP) who does general tarot, Lenormand,  reads natal charts for magickal markers, and does Daemonic based readings. She also offers Magical Work. Currently scheduling February 2022.

Shaelyn Grey – Is a Daemonolatress (HP, HLP, SP), Empath, and professional reader who uses cards and sigils to read for you. She also offers magical work.

William Briar – Is a Daemonolater (HP) who does Daemonic and Shamanic readings. Your choice of oracle.

Scott Hobbs – Is a Satanist, Chaos Magician, and Vampyric worker, as well as an author. He provides scrying readings, and curse work for clients.