Readings & Magickal Work

We offer readings and other services by our site contributors who are established practitioners. Each of our readers offers something unique so you’re sure to find a reading to meet your specific needs.

S. Connolly  – Is a Daemonolatress (HP, HLP) who does general tarot, Lenormand,  reads natal charts for magickal markers, and does Daemonic based readings. She also offers Magical Work. Currently scheduling November and December 2021.

Shaelyn Grey – Is a Daemonolatress (HP, HLP, SP), Empath, and professional reader who uses cards and sigils to read for you. She also offers magical work.

William Briar – Is a Daemonolater (HP) who does Daemonic and Shamanic readings. Your choice of oracle.

Scott Hobbs – Is a Satanist, Chaos Magician, and Vampyric worker, as well as an author. He provides scrying readings, and curse work for clients.