Will is a Demonolater and shamanic practitioner with 30+ years of experience in divination. He uses Tarot, Lenormand, and Demonic sigils to bring clarity to your questions.

All readings include a digital photo of the cards drawn plus written interpretation, typically emailed within 48 – 72 hours. (Times may vary depending on bookings.) Fees must be paid upfront to book a reading. No refunds whatsoever.

PayPal: willbriar@gmail.com (All prices in US Dollars.)

For information or questions:  willbriar@gmail.com

Available Readings

3 Card Draw – Looking for a quick bit of insight? For a single question or general inquiry. $10

5 Card Draw – Can be tailored to provide more detail for a single question, but also yield info for a general inquiry. $20

Two Choices – A 10-card spread for when need to compare two options. $35

Celtic Cross – For a deep look at a situation or issue from multiple perspectives that uses 10 cards. $35

Mini-Tableau – This 9-card spread that looks at an issue on multiple levels or perspectives over time. Ideally suited to Lenormand. $30

Wheel of the Year with Demons – See what Demonic energy is likely to influence your life over the next 12 calendar months. Uses 13 cards. $60

Will is more than willing to work together with you and come up with a card spread suited to your particular problem or situation. Inquire today.