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Welcome to Sephira Alchemy, the home of authentic, handmade Daemonolatry Products by S. Connolly (and sometimes friends).  I recently discovered I had lost the spirit of what Sephira Alchemy was supposed to be. When I first began Sephira Alchemy, I did it because when I was trying a new formula or recipe, I’d make enough for myself and my friends, and if I had any left over, or if friends wanted more, I’d make extra and sell it.  By doing it that way, I was doing what I LOVED.  I was making oleums and incenses (and magickal items or prayer cords) when I was inspired to make them, and it brought me great joy. The last few years of running Sephira Alchemy, I discovered I didn’t like doing custom orders because I had to jump to make whatever other people wanted when they wanted it. It sucked the joy right out of this endeavor for me. I run Sephira Alchemy to support my love of alchemy, gardening, herbalism, and magick.  That means that any money I make from this endeavor goes back into seeds, supplies, and packaging required for me to create my blends, tinctures, incenses, oleums, elixirs, and other products.  Some items are seasonal.

Our products and stock are always changing. Please check back often to see what we have available.

NOTICE FOR OUR CUSTOMERS OUTSIDE THE U.S.: We will ship incenses, oils, soaps, potions, or teas  to Canada, the UK, and Western Europe, but please know we’ve had difficulty with liquids, loose herbs, and customs over the years and will list these items as cosmetic lotions, potpourri, etc..

SHIPPING NOTICE FOR ALL CUSTOMERS: We ship priority mail by default (which for most places outside the U.S., is a minimum of $35 per order) . If you want us to ship first class instead, know that it will still incur a $10 handling fee (for the hour-long post office trip), and your order will not be insured or tracked, and therefore if it is lost in the mail it is ineligible for replacement or refund. Only orders sent by Priority mail have the added security of replacement or refund. 

11 Responses to Sephira Alchemy – Classes, Books, Readings, Magick, Rare Items, Select Brews

  1. John says:

    Wow, is all i can say, well maybe more. The Rosier Elixir is the best I have had so far. the elixir has opened me back up to Love, real Love. Example, today someone made a comment to me and I didnt get upset I let it slid, but then i got home and it started to bother me, then all of a sudden i realized, they cant get to me, they are the ones that are negative not me. The things they say are not true, and they can never get to me. The only battle I have is inside me, if i choose to have a battle. But I choose to have and be Love and to only have Love inside me, that is my power to choose at each moment who I am going to be and no one or no thing can ever take that from me.

  2. kenny baker says:

    I’ve ordered several things now and it’s always on time/packaged to where it’s not going to get hurt etc. and well worth the money. I would actually say its underpriced but I want to continue ordering so the good price is making it so I can order multiple things at one time. Thank you guys!!

  3. Just got my Ra prayer cord today, and I love it!! nice feel and energy to it, its almost tingling in my hands and I can’t wait to use them with my favorite demons. prayer cords are well made and very sturdy and the attention to detail is superb and the price is nice too. Thank you I’m a very happy customer.

  4. H says:

    Received my Leather Prayer Cord today. Pleased with it thank you very much!


  5. Ron Raider says:

    I have purchased 3 different Prayer Cords from this site. I was very pleased with the quality and they all work great!

  6. Ron Raider says:

    I should have mentioned in my previous remarks that I have also purchased several other items and services from this site. I intend to rectify this oversight here and now. I have purchased a set of “Death Daemonic Divination & Ritual Cards”, along with a set of “Dukante’ Daemonic Sigil Divination Cards”. Both of these decks of cards are invaluable aids to me as I continue to grow and learn as a Daemonolater! Both of these decks were made of high quality materials and arrived promptly after I placed my orders. In addition, I also purchased a set of handmade “Dukante’ Sigil Daemonic Divination Stones” with which I am especially pleased. I bought an “Evil Eye Warding Device” which comforts me. As far as services go, I have purchased a Tarot Reading and a Magickal Natal Chart Reading from S. Connolly. Both of the readings have proved to be especially accurate. Many thanks to S. Connolly!

    • Liz says:

      I want to ask, do you feel that the differences between the two decks are significant enough warrant the purchase of both? Are there any demons that appear in both decks(i.e. Eurynomous)?

  7. Indi says:

    I have ordered several items over the past month or two and everything I have received is of great quality and made with great care. Very accommodating.
    Elixir and tincture the ones I’ve ordered are high quality. They come labeled and packaged with care.
    I want to take the time to let the Sephira Alchemy store know how grateful I am to know there is a place I can purchase these items. It would take alot of time to research, purchase & then try to make these things on my own and I’m sure with many failures along the way. Thank you Sephira Alchemy!

  8. RANDALL Anderson says:

    S. Connolly suggest Oleum of delepitorae, or Thoth for preparing, blessing, sanctifying and dedicating tools. I was wo hoping that you might offer these. If not could I possibly substitute these with olive oil.
    New kid on the Block
    Thank you

    • S. Connolly says:

      Randall, I used to offer custom orders where I would make whatever others wanted me to, but it became time-consuming, and there are a lot of shops out there that will do the same. This is a hobby for me. I prefer spending my time making unique products that are hard to find. All my blends are made in small batches and when it’s gone, it’s gone. Making large batches of anything ensures that it will end up going rancid long before it sells out, which is rather wasteful.

  9. Blanca Maldonado says:

    I had purchased several items and services from Ms. Connolly and I have to say that I was very pleased with everything. Her readings were incredibly accurate! I will definitely come to her for future readings and products. Thank you (=^_^=)

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