Sigillum Diaboli

Sigillum Diaboli is a complete guide to Daemonolatry-based sigil divination using both Dukanté and Goetic sigil sets. The book includes information on how to make your sigil sets, how to do a reading, and includes the divination meanings of over 85 Daemonic sigils. 126 pages of daemonic sigil divination goodness.

Initial release available in hardcover on Lulu. On Amazon Paperback. For eReaders, check out the Nook  or Kindle versions!

4 thoughts on “Sigillum Diaboli

  1. Laith

    I purchased this book today for Kindle and I have to say it exceeded my expectations. It’s the perfect reference book for the beginner as well as someone who has experience but needs a little refresher on some impersonal meanings.

    The meanings themselves are fascinating as well. Up until now, I’ve only been going on intuition, but this is extremely helpful and gives me a platform to continue practicing reading sigils and runes in general.

    I’m extremely pleased right now. I’ve only skimmed over it so far, but I’m going to thoroughly enjoy going through the book as I need it. I’m definitely interested in making a sigil pot and will need to investigate pillar rituals more closely.

    It’s even led to an interesting discussion about what sigils are with a friend of mine who uses tarot and had never heard of sigils before.

    Fantastic work! 🙂 Thank you for always putting out such amazing books!

    1. S. Connolly Post author

      Technically – yes. 🙂 I know some would probably argue that point, but technically you are using the attributes of the Daemonic for divination, so yeah.

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