Sleep Visitors

I have been suffering from sleep disorders now for over 7 years. I used to be able to sleep through an earthquake, thunderstorm. You name it – I’d sleep through it. Now, if I can join together 3 hours of kip, I’m lucky.

The interesting thing is, that with the sleep disorders have come new experiences. So far I have had hypnogogic visionary hallucinations, which while interesting didn’t actually mean anything per say – it may have been an overactive imagination. I find the auditory hallucinations much more interesting. I have had my name called, which I could swear was a family member waking me for work. I even answer, but turn around and the clock is showing 3am – interesting to note that most name calling happens at around the 3am mark. Is it my mind playing tricks, or should I try and communicate ?

Looking into the sleep disorders, I have found many more. Old Hag syndrome. The “Hat Man”. Shadow people. Who, or what are they ? Are they beings from another dimension ? Are they benevolent or malevolent or just simply visiting ? Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell has had some pretty interesting things on this subject. They have been described as anything from angels to demons. The Djinn have been blamed, but yet again so have the “Manitous” from Native American Spirituality.

I myself, while hearing voices, and the odd vision, have not had any visits from such beings – thirty years ago when I was a teenager is a different story and was different to what I am talking about now. Has anyone out there had any experiences ? What do you think – imagination or are the Shadow People real ? From what I have read, there seems to be more evidence to suggest they are real, but I would be most interested to hear people views on this.

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  1. Mage

    When I was in my teenage years, I used to see/sense 3 hooded figures at the end of my bed. They didn’t feel bad or good. They would watch me and freak me out a bit.

    They seemed to be old. But they were hooded so I couldn’t see anything clearly. Just that there were 3 of them and each wore a robe with a hood.

    I felt they were waiting for me to ready – but ready for what I don’t know.

    They definitely did not feel like angels. But not sure what there were.

    I enjoyed your post. Wish I had more answers – just persistent questions remain.

  2. Joseph

    I’ve had many types of dreams like these. Voices, hooded figures, shadows, chants, rituals, and even some vivid enough that I felt actual pain. When we dream/sleep our “soul” saturates itself in the unseen mysteries of life and death. Some of us have that “natural calling” to that other side and that’s where I believe all the stories and tales are heard from. Ever since I was a child I had a fascination with death and the darker side of the occult and it just felt like an invitation for me. A lot of things come natural to me as with understanding of it. Sometimes we just have to follow the darkness in order to understand our dreams. We have an urge inside that yearns to see beyond other eyes.

  3. Lacerti

    Though I haven’t had an persisting experience with shadow people, I do remember one incident as a child when I was trying to fall asleep. I was lying on my side, staring out through my bedroom doorway, when suddenly a silhouetted figure partially stepped around from the other side to peek in, as if it was checking on me. It wasn’t very tall, maybe three feet, but it did have a humanoid shape. When it noticed I was looking at it, it quickly retreated back. Though it didn’t feel negative, the unexpectedness of the encounter freaked me out and my eyes darted around my room and quickly settled on a chair behind the desk next to my bed. And then the chair moved on its own. It tilted back and fell forward back into place, hitting the desk. Now I was scared, and shut my eyes real tight until I fell asleep.

    Not sure this could be considered a shadow person encounter, but it’s all I got 😛 I know of other experiences friends and family have had, but I don’t feel its my place to share them.

  4. Bradford

    A relative reported to me her entire encounter with this entity I have now come to know as the “Hat Man”. We did not know she was terminally ill at the time and she was the most Intelligent and Rational Person I have ever known. She was equally the most Loving and Kindest Person. She truly believed that someone had broken into her home in the middle of the night, she awoke to see him standing at the foot of her bed. Dressed in a 3 piece suit with a Top Hat and cane just stood there starring at her. He said nothing but she was paralyzed with fear and could not move. She reported that he simply stood there and then turned and walked out the door. Her fear remained as if it had just happened. Although he did or said nothing threatening, she knew his presence was sinister in nature. She passed away 8 months later in the most beautiful and wonderful way and with her arms stretched to the ceiling of the room with a Big Smile. I knew God received her as she had many experiences that I witnessed with my own eyes although she could not describe them. I will always wonder what this Hat Man represented and why it came.

  5. Mathias

    When I was a child, a few friends of mine and I were playing flashlight tag at the park. I was ‘it’, so I had the flashlight. I was shining the light down around a group of three trees. I noticed someone dart from behind one tree to another. I shined my light over in that direction and yelled, “Tag! I saw you!”

    Upon further inspection there was no one to be found. Then my friends walked over from another direction and said that they had decided to glitch the game and hide as a group and asked who I was yelling to. I told them, and we all ran home. It was frightening. It didn’t seem malevolent by any means though. I think I was more startled at the idea that I saw something that “wasn’t there”.

  6. Sentinel

    Thanks guys for all the interesting replies. Its such a fascinating topic, in which we all seem to have had experiences, whether we believe or not.

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