So Many Things…

I have several things that I wish I would have known when I began my path, with hindsight being 20/20 and all that. I’m only going to touch on three here though, so I don’t run on for pages. I apologize for the post coming a day late, but since the introduction of a new puppy to the family, it’s been really hard to get just about anything done. Except deal with the puppy, of course.

The thing I regret the most, is not being aware that subjects like metaphysics and occult studies were actually available as college paths. As a teenager I actually had moments where I wished that there was real magic, and that I could study that in college. Without that knowledge, I did have other subjects that interested me, but nothing that made me say, without a doubt, yes I want to go to college. Subsequently I did not go, and while I’m not particularly upset about that, knowing now that I could have gone to study subjects that would have really interested me, it really is a regret. I still may go, but it would have been nice to know that stuff back then.

It would have also been nice to know exactly how solitary of a path this life can be, and how rare it truly is to have someone to trade knowledge with and ask questions to. My best friend and I started out on our paths together, and while neither of us were experts, it did really help to have someone else there that had an opinion on a certain subject. I wish I would have spent more time with him, really pursuing our spiritual goals together while we had the chance, instead of allowing the every day doldrums of life like work and friends and parties take precedence.

Finally, I really wish I would have known about Demonolatry when I started out. The history of generational practice, and the formal structure of study and advancement would have been absolutely invaluable to me at the beginning. Instead, being left to my own devices, I picked up information and guidance wherever I could, whenever I could. And while this led me to develop a more critical and cynical mind due to the types of people I met, it surely didn’t facilitate my spiritual or magical progress. I think knowing about the Demonolatry community and the resources at it’s disposal, probably would have led me to better results, more quickly.