Something isn’t right

Firstly, many apologies for posting anything for a long while. There have been issues, some linked to the background of this post. I hope to be more active this year.

Where to begin ? Back in 2004 I was presenting at an Einstein Physics Conference up at the University of Warwick. During the day, we did have some time off, and while wandering around the grounds I started looking at the flowers, bees, insects and their interaction. It got me thinking about how everything seems to fit together, and was thee in fact any ‘intelligent design’. For some reason, after pondering over the statistics of this occurring by chance, intelligent design became a believable option, a strange conclusion for a PhD in Astrophysics.

I followed this up, and pondered on it for a few years, and I still ponder it. Then I came across Red Crow, a Native American Elder, speaking about ‘the time of renewal’ and Native American Prophecies. This I had to listen to a number of times in order to study.

Linking this with intelligent design, I am of the opinion that the time of renewal is here. This explains the strange weather patterns, increase in volcanic activity and earthquakes, and the unusual ‘groaning sounds’ heard about the planet recently.

When the planet exited the previous interglacial period into the previous ice age (that finished 11000 years ago) all we know from climate records is that it happened very quickly, so we have no idea of weather patterns. Currently, the flooding experienced is the worst ever, tornados across the U.S., snow storms, El NiƱo is forecast to be the largest ever.

Are we looking at just a glitch in the climate and geophysical cycles or are we looking at something else ? I have included a link to Native American Prophecies and Red Crow. Listen to it and comment. I would be interested in your opinions.

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    1. Sentinel

      I have studied physics and mathematics for 20 odd years now, and the more I study, the more I realise we know practically nothing. Most things are hypothesised. What’s at the centre of a black hole ? No one has any idea.

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