Something to do in the summer….

Summer is here. bunnies are hopping happily, young lovers walk hand in hand in the parks. Beautiful women and men bath themselves in the light of the sun. Joy and happiness emits carefree from wild youth running to their social gatherings.. Happiness, happiness everywhere… but  not with you. You toil the work shift, grinding away tasks at hand, locked away in misery. Day dreaming on what happiness would be for you while weighted down with pain, financial responsibility, just praying for a day when the happiness fairy comes knocking on your door dropping off the winning lottery ticket…

Many people are not happy,  its a goal that is so far out there that its not even in the same solar system.  Trust me, I know. I’m not happy, I’m like the many people here who are struggling with everything and not getting a ounce of fairy dust to solve my problems.

We seek to better ourselves and our life, we turn to self help books, tv shows, religion, and many other things.   We drown ourselves in mantras, pills, and philosophy sayings that means nothing because its not producing any happiness in our lives.   We hear the words like attracts like.. Happiness brings happiness, love brings love, and joy brings joy.   “The laws of attraction.” We hear this saying more times then we can count, but what can it do.  If your not happy, your not going to bring happiness. If your not rich its not going to bring richness to you. And then we sink further into our misery.

So hopefully I got the reader’s attention because this might be best mediation for you, or the worse, it all depends. A few people who I told this to or help them do it say it works.

We are going to be making Mu-Jen.. The Siberian shamans call it tupilak.. The Egyptians call it shabti.   The West call it elementaries.  I had one person describe it has a golem. A Mu-Jen is a  representative of you. Its like a “reverse” Voodoo doll, instead of bring harm to your enemies, we are going to work on bringing happiness or what you want to you.  With some imagination a magician can unlock the full potential of this  “doll” making it into a vital tool.

The are many ways of making one, I’m sure many are familiar in the basic steps  (Come on, I’m sure you made at least one Voodoo doll somewhere in your life). But if your not I’ll give some basic guidelines and a few stern warnings, since this is powerful stuff and you really don’t want to screw this up…  thunder in the background following an evil laugh.

There is two things one must know first before proceeding. A doll is a doll, but the Mu-Jen is you.  It’ll require your ling (your will) your one task that you want complete. It will also require a spirit link with you (blood, saliva, and hair). Those are the three must haves….. blood… saliva….hair…    Not menstrual blood or semen. Trust me, the more is better in this case.  And now the part of argument.. waaaa I don’t to cut myself… waaaa I rather jerk off since sexual magick is far more powerful then blood… waaaa waaa.. Stop being a baby.   If you want to be serious in making a Mu-Jen, flowing blood from the body is needed.. Not blood being expelled out do to natural cycle, and semen is not red and nor is it blood.  Making a Mu-Jen is serious and to the point, this is old magick, will and intent and preparation is key to success, lack of those would be more then a failed magick experiment..  You could harm yourself..  There is paragraphs of explanation on why you don’t want to use semen, menstrual blood,  finger nails, scabs, and even using fecal material and urine. I never used those materials so I can not vouch first hand experience  on what can happen. But oddly enough a following ritual after this one describes how to make a Mu-Jen of your enemies using those materials when life blood is not available.

I found using clay easier then w00d to use. But both work great. I found cloth easier and cleaner to make. Remember you are limited to your imagination, but follow the basic guidelines.  I modified the original ritual over the years and found that introducing Demonolatry  into it did not negatively hinder this task.

First you make two talismans. One talisman is the goal, for example money could be the dollar sign $. The other talisman is your personal sigil.  Charge them and get them ready.

Do your cleansing and banishing.

Making the body of the Mu-Jen. Here are the basics, its human shape, like a gingerbread man or clay figure. With cloth and wood stick the two talismans in there, clay you can burn the talismans and mix it in the clay.  Add the three human materials, I basically stick a lock of hair, blood and saliva on both talismans, in the doll.  With being human shape it is important it has a mouth, nostrils, and a belly button.. Simply open holes..  With a cloth one I have a ginger man with a slit mouth, two slit nostrils, and I drawned a  belly button.

Take the Mu-Jen by hand and breath into its mouth and nostrils. Fill it with your life breath with a control manner with focus for three times.  Then say ( you can modified this part if you want, I just like the original cause it sounds cool and powerful)

  • The Primal Void was still.
  • Chaos slept alone in the embracing silence.
  • No forms, no movement.
  • Then the Mother’s breath streamed forth.
  • The Way stirred up matter and motion.
  • Imparting destiny to all things.
  • Creature of my own hands. Living spirit.
  • Take breath from my breath.
  • Life from my Life.
  • Destiny from my destiny
  • Arise! Awake! Move to my Will!

Seal the nostrils and mouth. With clay just pinch them closed, with cloth I sewed them shut. 

Concentrate on your goal that you designed the Mu-Jen for and see your new creation bringing your desire to pass. Say ” Mu-Jen (and your name), Instrument of my Will, Walk the Road with me.”

Store in safe place, don’t let anyone know where it is or that it was made. Visit often with small food offerings and drink. Some prefer using incense.  It is also helpful, like if your goal is money, to slide a coin under it or use a dollar bill has a sleeping mat for it.  Remember it is you, this is the you that is seeking away to achieve the goal.  So it’ll grow hungry, even weak.. grow sick… and die..  Mu-Jen’s life spans are not infinite without care..  When the goal is achieved, its life ends..  You can give it a proper burial, crush it into dust, burn it with respect.. It was you that achieved that goal, how would you want to be treated after a hard path of getting what you want…  Remember this can go terrible wrong if someone else gets their hands on it, or if you mistreat it.. One person told me that he talked to it, had it watch his favorite shows with him, he called it personal time with himself.. But at the end his goal was achieved, found a girlfriend and then got married.. He said it was the saddest thing ever.. That it was like watching a best friend die in front of him.  I made a coffin for his Mu-Jen and gave it a cremation on a campfire at a national park with just two people attending the services..


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