Sticks and Stones: Using Crystals in the Garden

Tis the season for tending to our gardens and sometimes, no matter how much love we give our plants; they might start looking a bit tired and worn. We can always turn towards watering them more, or less; trying to control the amount of light, or even deal with pests that are bothering them as ways of making them healthier, but did you know that you can also use different stones and crystals?

Here is a short list of different gemstones and crystals that help to pull more energy to your plants so that they can truly blossom!

The “Stone of Encouragement” – Green Calcite is one of my go to stones if I notice my plants are looking a little weak or just aren’t thriving the way I know they should. This stone helps in active plants to flourish. You can either bury pieces of Green Calcite or just place them on top of the soil either will work.

Tigers Eye is a stone of strength and courage, as many of you already know; but did you know it can also help give your plants the support they need to grow strong? It is said that this stone also protects your plants from radiation and its effects. This is one stone though that you want to keep on top of the soil.

“The Gardener’s Talisman” – Moss Agate will create a connection between your energy and your plants. In general Moss Agate is considered a strong stone for balancing your internal chakras and is especially fantastic for health and vitality of your seedlings.

Another great stone for seedlings is everyone’s favorite Moonstone! Moonstone helps to regenerate lost cells faster and gives your plants the strength to create deep roots. You can either bury or leave this stone on top of the soil.

Are your plants looking a little wilted? Then you may want to grab a piece of Angelite. This stone helps your plants to withstand the pressure of the environment and promotes water flow and water balance. Use caution though as you don’t want this stone to actually touch water because it will become gypsum. It is best to let this stone sit near your plants or elevated in the pot. When it is time to cleanse this stone use Sage or put it near a piece of Selenite overnight.

Is there a lot of hustle and bustle in the area?  Just like most of us have a threshold point for noise and activity our plants also have their own personal thresholds. If moving the plant is out of the question pop some Green Aventurine into their pot to help ease the tension and stress and to absorb negative energy.

And lastly, Tourmaline holds the essence of the plant kingdom within itself and therefore channels energy from the earth right to our plants. Having that connection with deeper earth energy can only help our plants to thrive. This is a fantastic stone if you have indoor plants and want to nurture that deeper connection with the Earth current.

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    Simple clear quartz often gets overlooked! It is a wonderful amplyfier for so many things!!

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