Stones & Crystals Class

Date of Class: MAY 23, 2020 2PM EST

Cost of Class: $25.00

Instructor: Shaelyn Grey

Are you trying to figure out which stones or crystals you should work with? Overwhelmed with the options? Interested in learning how to better utilize stones and crystals in your magickal practice? Then this workshop is for you.

This class will be done via a private FaceBook group and you will have access to the videos for at least a year.

We will look at the best best way to select your stones, how to properly cleanse and prep them for working, which stones are best for different workings and the stones that should be in your go to bag and why.

If you have questions:

4 thoughts on “Stones & Crystals Class

  1. Mike Bryant

    Hi. What time will the course be so I can adjust for British Summer Time? Thanks!

  2. Ivan

    Hey. Will this course be recorded? Since I’m in New Zealand and it’s at an inconvenient time for me so I’m not sure if I would be able to make it if I bought.


    1. Shaelyn

      Yes it will be recorded. The FB group will allow access to the class for at least a full year and of course access to me for any questions.

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