Summer Fire Festivals

The summer fire festivals in traditional Daemonolatry are wide and varied. It’s often a time of celebration of every Fire Daemon from Flereous and Asmodeus, to Andras and Buer. The Summer Solstice/Rite to Flereous always conjures fond memories of summers past spent doing ritual around bonfires and spending hours fire scrying. It also reminds me of outdoor BBQ’s with the coven.

You can see a Basic Rite to Flereous (Page 14 of the Basic Daemonolatry Rites document, and also in the Modern Demonolatry document) in our Free Library if you’d like ideas for celebration.

Solstice Fire Scrying Powder Recipes:

For Scrying Concentration

One Cup silver talc. one tablespoon of Mastic (to manifest one’s psychic ability)); one tablespoon of cinnamon (power); one tablespoon of myrrh (spirituality). Sprinkle onto the fire during the scrying session.

To make it as an oleum – leave out the talc. Add oil to equal parts of other ingredients. Anoint your third eye with small amount to aid in scrying. Meant to clear the mind and inspire sudden insight, the powder or oleum can also be used on divination tools. Best day to make it: Monday in the hour of the moon.

To Heighten Intuition and Divination Abilities

To one cup of purple or silver talc add one tablespoon Honeysuckle (psychic power), one tablespoon rose (psychic power) and one tablespoon of geranium (mental protection, which is important for empaths especially). I prefer using dried flower petals in this for the pleasant scent when you sprinkle it over the fire. Sometimes I’ll add Honeysuckle, Rose, and Geranium essential oils into the mix to heighten the scent.

This mixture helps to increase your natural clairvoyance. This, too can be made into an oleum by eliminating the talc and replacing it with a base oil (or just olive or grapeseed oil). You can use an oleum to anoint yourself and divination tools before a session. Best day to make it: Again, Monday in the hour of the Moon.

May your summer scrying and divination sessions be fruitful! May your rites be well attended. Hail Flereous, Lord of Fire.

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