Teenagers, Tumblr, and Demonolatry

This is a message to the minors and teenage readers who find themselves interested in Demonolatry or linked to this website by minors, particularly from places like Tumblr.

It seems there is a teenage interest in Demonolatry again! There hasn’t really been much interest since I was a teen? The world’s a scary place, the Internet is even scarier. I am highly concerned because I don’t like the things I’m seeing. Especially in light of a recent event concerning an internet character and their involvement in a pre-teen crime… That event has no relevance in Demonolatry but the last thing we want is for it to happen since youth interest has again been sparked. As someone who was recently in your position I have a few words of advice.

1. Beware of cults. Peer pressure, bullying, and harassment have gotten even worse thanks to the Internet. I recently found a group that encourages the Tumblr audience of Demonolators to curse “whenever” they feel like it. You may think it’s great to go on a cursing spree, but in actuality it isn’t. Nor do I personally think you should even be considering execration magic at a young age. I may be a prude on that subject, but I didn’t delve into it until I became an adult.

In a section titled The Law in Curses, Hexes & Crossing by S. Connolly, she says that if you’re going to use a curse, do it “as psychological exercises in letting go”. Curses are serious – don’t do them for petty things. The group in question I discovered has a sing-song curse targeting men as a whole because they’re “misogynist pigs”. If you’re really upset about a situation speak (such as men cat calling you) to a trusted adult. Calm down. Count to ten. Sleep on it. Don’t just run out and do some curse you find on the Internet. Don’t run out and do something illegal. Demonolatry isn’t about doing things that are illegal and thinking you’re above the law. You still need to behave like a respectable member of society.

2. Explore for the right reasons
Don’t turn to Demonolatry so you can be “unique”. Chances are if you’re doing it to be “different” it may just be a passing phase. If it truly resonates with you as it did with me at your age that’s perfectly fine, I kept mostly to myself until I turned 18. 18 is the age of majority in the United States. It’s great to study different avenues of thinking, but if you are under 18 you do not have control over your person, action, or decisions. I know you are sick of hearing that, but it’s for the simple reason that being a teenager sucks. Some teenagers can be trusted to make their own decisions, but clearly some can’t. Chances are you’re going to change a lot from age 14 to age 18, and beyond. You’re going to continue learning, growing, and exploring your options. Today having a skull on your altar might sound great, tomorrow you might wonder what you were doing because you’ve decided your path is something completely different.

To my knowledge S. Connolly is not supporting any programs for minors to learn about Demonolatry at the moment. If a new group is willing to teach you anything magic related at a younger age than at least 18 chances are they might be trying to warp your mind. If what they say feels wrong don’t buy into it (especially if you’re visiting us from Tumblr). Tumblr has become a place for hateful children to spout off their angst filled views from the safety of their computers. They don’t care about you if your ideas are different from theirs and will treat you in a not so nice way. You deserve much better than that. Not all users of that social media page are extremists, but it’s becoming a pattern so look out for yourself.

3. Surround yourself with people worthy of your friendship. For me it’s people who I can have mutually beneficial relationships of learning and/or emotional support. I used to be lonely and would accept friendship from anyone because I didn’t think I could do better. Now I’ve learned that some people are psychic vampires / negative / bad influences and I have no drama in my life right now because I stopped talking to them. In one fell swoop I was no longer pressured to do drugs or drink and I didn’t have anyone gossiping behind my back. It’s a wonderful feeling.

Avoid people with radical ideas. I can’t stress this enough. If they’re speaking in broad terms like “all” ___ “are scum” they are not people with whom you need to be associating. By adopting their ideas as your own you’re letting them brainwash you. Their negative energy will stifle your growth spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. If you try to argue with someone and they suddenly start using expletives at you instead of arguing a point back they are likely radical. If the words “problematic”, “appropriation”, or “privilege” come out of their mouth they are likely armchair social justice activists. Nothing wrong with interest in social justice topics but don’t get your advice from people on the Internet (especially not Tumblr). I’m not exactly sure how social justice topics are combining with Demonolatry topics but it’s happening now for whatever reason. Again, I repeat, talk to trusted adults. People have biases, so be sure to ask people for differing views.

Please don’t disregard this advice because I sound “uncool”. Maybe I’m too “old” now to be of any help to you. I do care though. Be safe out there. Something may sound cool to do now, but it won’t be so cool when someone gets hurt. Demonolatry is not about violence, cult mentality, or being a bully online or offline. You can practice Demonolatry without endangering yourself or others. If you don’t trust yourself to do so please go to your browser’s home page, delete your internet history and forget you came here.

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