Ten Things I Wish I knew…

Ten things I wish I knew when I started out:

1. Never go in to any magickal work expecting to do it once and know it completely afterward.

2. Every three years (at most) go back to the beginning to find all the things you missed.

3. Don’t be literal – think outside the box.

4. Real magicians create.

5. Truth is in the eye of the beholder. (i.e. Truth is subjective)

6. Daemons are always talking, you just need to shut up and listen.

7. It’s no secret that like attracts like and if you think it and be it, you will attract it. (For good or bad.)

8.  When you’re ready for it,  it will come.

9.  Titles are meaningless and motivation is everything. Some people are only motivated by a title.

10.  It’s good to have people whose ideas you respect and who respect your ideas to bounce ideas off of. (This doesn’t mean you have to agree.)