Thanks for bearing with us…

Thank you for bearing with us while we’re updating and moving the website. (formerly and has been around since 1997. Over the years we’ve redone the website to keep up with the modern era. Well – it’s that time again.

A large portion of the site is still under construction. Rest assured that Frank and I are working to restore pages, clean up any ugliness, upload files, and fix broken links.

If you have any questions or can’t find something, let us know by emailing Frank at @ . Also — try the search box. The search box will pull up former site pages that haven’t been cleaned up and made live yet.

You’ll notice this website has a professional look-feel. We thought aesthetically, a safe for work website, with a light background for easy reading, was the way to go.

We have also decided to decrease the number of menu items to make site navigation easier.

One thing we have not reinstated is the ability to subscribe to the blog. Those of you already subscribed should continue getting emails when new blogs are posted. I’ll work on re-establishing an updated subscription service to work with this particular website.

UPDATE – Blog subscription services reinstated. See bottom of any page on the site to subscribe.

6 thoughts on “Thanks for bearing with us…

  1. Jacob Lieberman

    its looking great! I look forward to using your services for a ritual for success as soon as I get back to work and I think that will be soon.
    Money seems to be the problem for a lot of people myself
    warm regards,

    S Jacob Lieberman

  2. Angie

    Wow! This new website is amazing! Thank you (and Frank) for all the volunteer work you do. Looking forward to new resources being added. Might I suggest a few? Could you add moon phases, magical hour calculators, and useful sites like that to your Emporium page? I’d also like to suggest changing the name of that page to additional resources since it’s not specifically about shopping (unless you mean information). I’d also love to see recommended reading lists and demonolatry author lists in the Library. When we get interested people in our sect, the first place I have them visit is this site to do some homework and I think those two things would be of monumental importance. Thanks for considering!

  3. Edward

    Your site is soooooo special! Things look just fine from my spot in the Darkly Woods. Thank you for all that you do, your energy is just fantastic!


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