The Manifestation Through Blood Offering

“The Blood is the water of life. Praise be Sobek. I become manifest through you, by the sacrifice of blood. Praise be Sobek. The blood is the life.” – The Rite of Imbibement

Some solitary practitioners have questioned the traditional use of blood in Demonolatry rituals, choosing to leave it out of their rites and offerings completely. Traditionally, however, the various forms of Demonolatry have all incorporated some form of blood letting or blood ritual. By this I am not talking about animal sacrifice although I attend a yearly ritual where a chicken is thanked appropriately, sacrificed, the blood given to the flames, and the body of the animal itself is consumed at a post ritual feast after it has been properly cleaned, prepared, and cooked. I am a firm believer in animal rights even though I am a meat eater and to me this is a respectful sacrifice.

I believe in the power of blood ritual. Blood is our essence and our life force. If we are willing to sacrifice blood it is a testament to our want for something. This is why sacrifice of a few drops of your own blood is the highest, most sacred sacrifice of all. It’s easy, perhaps, to kill another animal and take its blood but it takes more courage and strength to take from ourselves, without harm, to declare how serious we are about our intent. Putting it simply, “No pain, no gain” was likely coined by someone who believed in self-sacrifice for self growth and subsequent success and happiness.

In that respect the blood helps to manifest the will by sealing the intent of the magician.

For the spiritual side of things, the sacrifice, which is the act of making something sacred, of a few drops of your own blood as offering to deity is the most personal and highest offering you can give. Not all Daemons demand or insist upon blood sacrifice. As a matter of fact some prefer sexual fluids instead, but there are those for whom the blood pleases them most and it is for the practitioner to acknowledge this and give the offering to see what results or manifestations he receives or is witness to.

Blood manifests the will. Praise be Sobek.

14 thoughts on “The Manifestation Through Blood Offering

  1. RozzE

    I am kinda of new at this. When you talk about manifestation do or are you referring to the prayer of what you want or the demon. If the demon appears or you sense its presence does this mean that the request or prayer you ask for will be the manifested? How soon does will you manifest?

    1. RozzE

      Wow what I think and what I write is crazy. Because of the incorrect grammar I will re-phrase my wording. What I am asking, I requested something from a demon or Lucifer offering my blood? I am confused when you talk about manifestation. When you manifest is it the prayer itself or the demon. How do you know if the prayer will be answered. Can you sense the presents of the demon? If you sense it does this mean that the demon is working on your prayer or request?

      1. S. Connolly

        Since no one else has answered this, I’ll take a crack at it. Manifestation in this sense is often THE RESULT of the magick. The result *manifests*. I think this is what Angie is saying. Also, I’d be wary of using Demons as genii. It’s not like you can say, “I need $1000 bucks! Here’s some blood!” then wait for the $1000 to drop into your lap. You’re more likely to get results if you ask for an opportunity to make more money then act on the opportunity when it presents itself. Of course this is just my take on how we should be praying and how those answers *manifest*.

    2. Chris

      You invoke the Daemon (a word which means Divine Intelligence) with words, an enn and usually a sigil. The invocation itself allows the Daemon to manifest. You then make an offering to the Daemon to manifest your will as far as what change you want to create in your life and the world. The Daemon may or may not help you but usually will..even if that means learning a difficult lesson or two because it will promote your growth in some way.

  2. Tina Fernandes

    I’m really interested in this where can I find more reading directly on the subject of Blood Offering to Deities.

  3. Walker

    Im new to this and i want to summon a particular demon so whats the best offering and whats the best way to summoning him without offending him?

    1. S. Connolly

      Walker – there are several books that may help. The first is called Daemonic Offerings, which should answer your question about offerings. As for invocation, The Complete Book of Demonolatry covers respectful invocation. You can also look at our free library here on the site and find answers to Invocation questions.

  4. Robert Bradley

    I have just read your Communion and Rites of Imbibement. This is something I am up on after reading your book. If I ever get this far, I will use a diabetic lancet to prick my finger. Thanks again for your time and wise input!!

  5. Billy redden

    I am wanting to invoke King paimon but I am new to this and think he would be the best for what I am needing I’m a guitarist and would like to make it in the music industry I have learned his sigil and enn but have no idea what to really do or offer.

    1. Steph

      Check out the library section of this site and download some of the free PDFS. They will help you get started. Also, use the search box to search “How do I get started” and it should bring up some articles for you.

      1. Steph

        Also, there is a book coming out later this year about magick, creativity, and creative success. It includes work with Paimon (among other Daemons).

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