The Myth of the Magickal Quick-Fix

I receive emails weekly where someone wants me to make them a pact, item, amulet, fetish, oil, incense, or other mixture that will magickally fix all their life’s ills. As if possessing the item alone, or having someone else do the work for them will allow them to sit back and collect their millions, their fame, and all the sex they want.


What most people don’t seem to realize is that all of these things – these items of magick and magickal operations are just TOOLS the magician uses to cause change in conformity with one’s will. When you buy a magickal item (including spirit vessels) or you have someone make a pact on your behalf – you still have to make the item your own, or sign that pact. YOU. Not the magician who made it for you.


I have been writing a series of chapbooks called The Daemonolater’s Guide covering a lot of these frequently desired items to explain to people how to use them, what they are and ARE NOT, and what realistic expectations should look like.


Magick isn’t like Harry Potter. You can’t just wave your sparking wand, scream “Stupify!” and poof — your enemy is incapacitated. I wish it were that simple because if it were, everyone would practice magick, and everyone’s life would be picture perfect.


The general rule of thumb when it comes to alleged “magickal quick fixes” is that if it sounds too good to be true – it probably is. Just because you’re a practicing magician does not mean you need to throw all common sense and reason out the window. Magick is an exercise to cause change in conformity with your will. Not a get-quick-rich scheme or a get-out-of-jail-free card. Magickal items are tools not surefire ways to get the girl/guy, or solve all your money problems. You have to know how to use the tools to get those kinds of results, and learning to master a tool can take years. After all – anyone can own paints and a paintbrush, but it can take years and years of honing skills to become an accomplished painter. Very rare is it to meet someone for whom any given magickal skill is innate and requires no effort.  Translation: Even born magicians have to learn to navigate their gifts or talents.


All of this said, let me introduce the Daemonolater’s Guides, little chapbooks that put the common-sense and realistic expectations back into the mythologies and misconceptions surrounding certain magickal and esoteric topics!

Daemonic Possession – I can’t believe how many times I get asked about Daemonic Possession and the crazy-ass misconceptions out there about this one. Find out what Daemonic Possession is and why it actually happens. Also – learn the difference between channeling and possession.

Daemonic Pacts – A pact is not the cure-all to all your ills. Learn the proper creation and use of pacts, and learn to adjust your expectations from Faust – to reality.

Daemonic Offerings – There are a lot of people who think Daemons must be offered the first born, the lives of people or animals, or that all Daemons require blood, but this just isn’t true. Learn the how, where, why, and what of Daemonic Offerings.

Spirit Keeping & Spirit Vessels – Spirit Keeping is all the rage! But mere possession of an alleged spirit/Daemon/djinn trapped in an item does not guarantee a quick fix to all life’s problems. As a matter-of-fact – you may have just gotten ripped off. This little guide gives you the scoop on spirit vessels, including how to properly make them and how to adjust your expectations.

Daemonolatry Groups – The mythical Daemonolatry group is just like any other and often has the same benefits and drawbacks as any social/magickal/spiritual group. This guide offers advice on how to navigate groups and again, adjust your expectations.

Sex, Money & Power  – Usually when people contact me about wanting a magickal quick fix — these are the three main things they’re after. If this is what you want, this little guide will tell you how to get it via Daemons and Magick, replete with realistic expectations.


More Daemonolater’s Guides coming!

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