The Transforming Power of Demons and Gods

People are all the time asking how demons can get them things, money, sex, fame, etc. When you work with demons for any amount of time, you will notice that regardless the nature of the demon you call upon, if you pay attention, you will realize an alchemy taking place within you. Your personality will shift by degrees, to align more with the essence of the demon, and you will gain knowledge you didn’t have before. I believe the true meaning of “This demon can turn any metal into gold” means that the demon can help you hone each of your aspects until you are a much more valuable version of yourself than before. In essence, helping you perfect yourself and attain a higher state of being. The same is true of any gods or goddesses you invoke. They have a similar effect on the mage, causing changes in personality, perception, and energy levels. This brings us to the next level of understanding:

“Reality as we know it arises in the mind. By transforming the mind, reality is transformed. By controlling the mind, reality is controlled. By commanding the mind, reality is commanded.” -Donald Tyson in his book Grimoire of the Necronomicon.

       The reason I brought up the quote from Donald Tyson’s book, transformation and perfection of the self is the true goal of all ceremonial magick paths. As the leader of the Order of the Old Ones, (a coven based on the above mentioned book) I see this process of alchemy take place first hand. Through working with the gods and demons of the Necronomicon Traditions, the members learn a little bit more each day, hone their skills and abilities, until a state of enlightenment and attainment takes hold. The same process happens outside our Order through many spiritual paths. So the next time you feel drawn to this demon or that, even if you do not have a perceived need, reach out to them and keep the process of transformation and perfection in mind. It will make your interaction with the demons and your world in general start aligning with this greater goal, turning metal into gold…. Blessings of Azathoth upon you.