They’re off again – those who say the end is nigh !

Well, the doomsday ‘end is nigh’ groups all had a nasty shock last year when Dec 21st came and went just the same as all other previous 21 Dec. Bit disappointing when you look at it. Anyway, I was watching a BBC Horizon programme last night, after the DR Who 50th special, all about the new comet Ison, and how it is supposed to be the comet of the century. This morning, I decided to look up Ison and see what was being said. Very much the same as ‘the 2012 end is nigher’s’

It has become more interesting after watching various videos from people, who to normal people would be judged as being a few cans short of a six pack, it dawned on me that maybe there may be something in this. It is suggested that Ison isn’t a comet but the tenth planet, and the ruse that the comet is 3.1 miles wide is a Nasa con trick to hide the truth. Old carvings from Sumeria/Assyria suggest 10 planets, with this mystery still not solved. Bring in now the Annunaki myth from the planet Nibiru, and we seem to have some answers to the carvings left to us by these civilisations. Allegedly, the Annunaki were a winged reptilian race. Look at Pazuzu – a most appropriate candidate ¬†for Annunaki ancestry if ever there was one. You cannot avoid the reptilian characteristics, and of course the double wings.

Looking further at the myths, we read about the reliance of the Annunaki on gold in order for them to keep their atmosphere breathable. I have noted the sudden rise on cash for gold companies – a reaction to the current economics or does it hide something ? There are now strange coincidences occurring more and more often. Small parts of old prophecies coming of age. Ed Dames of the remote viewing fraternity indicates a huge solar flare. Comet Ison is a sun scraper, and most definitely capable of causing a flare.

The question is – are we adding the cues correctly, or do we have 2 and 2, and trying to make five ?

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  1. Elazar

    Interesting. I have studied Astronomy in university and we had an interesting lecture on one occasion about our solar system. In that lecture our professor has told us about an interesting theory concerning a missing planet in our solar system (I guess that would make it the tenth planet you could be referring to). The theory goes like this; apparently if you look at the distances between all the known planets in our system you see that their distances from each other form a strict mathematical progression. The only place where this progression is broken is between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter and the progression would continue if there were another planet orbiting between Mars and Jupiter. What makes it even more fascinating is the fact that in that space where the hypothetical planet should’ve been located there are very large asteroids (if my memory is correct there are three of them), those large asteroids are located in that precise space and they orbit the sun moving in the exact course where the hypothetical planet should have been.

    One of those large fragments has a pretty large layer of ice that covers its surface. According to the theory those asteroids are the fragments of that former planet which got shattered/exploded due to some cosmic processes which caused its demise and the ice on one of those remaining pieces is part of the water that this planet contained (because it was located within the so called “living distance” from our sun – like Earth and Mars, it too is said to have had and atmosphere and water – suitable for physical living conditions. Part of the water is said to have remained on one of the fragments in the form of ice while the other part somehow got transferred to Earth which resulted in the big flood or as we know it today “the Biblical flood” which is also described in other sources and myths like the story of Gilgamesh. You might ask how it is possible for the water to transfer to our planet from another planet like that? The truth is I have no answer to that because I knowledge in Astrophysics is not great enough to explain such a phenomena, though according to professionals such an event is actually possible in terms of the way things interact.

    Also that would explain the magnitude of the Biblical Flood which was described as something that acceded any proportions of similar natural disasters before or after. The thing is that even when we have floods and other water related disasters they can only reach a certain magnitude (some of which might be enough to wipe everything out on its own), because all the water we have on our planet is always circulating between gas and liquid form in our atmosphere. In case of the Biblical flood, if we take into consideration the described magnitude of this event, the amount of water and the way it poured from the sky non stop for 40 days – 40 days a flooding rain was pouring without end from the sky and than water kept on coming farther for a period of 7 more months (if my memory of the Biblical description is right – I know it is approximately as I lay it down here although anyone who wishes to verify it to have the exact description can easily look it up in the Bible), the point is, where did all this extra water come from? It didn’t just appear on its own out of the blue.

    The theory with the cataclysm that destroyed a neighboring planet in our solar system that contained water as well – some of which transferred to Earth as a result of that planet’s destruction – gives a nice explanation to that mystery. That hypothetical 10th planet is referred to by modern astronomers as Phaeton. And it makes perfect sense why older depictions of our solar system show 10 planets. As for the end of the world, every time in every era people are obsessed with the anticipated hypothetical finale of our planet and physical existence and every time they are disappointed to find out that it’s been postponed by another century or a millennium. The bottom line is that by far no one knows for certain when it’s going to take place (if at all), and why does it necessarily have to be like that and in our time?

    We experience a lot of cataclysms lately some of which have claimed great many lives and even reshaped the maps for certain specific regions of our planet. We also know that even the catastrophic Biblical flood – although wiped out probably most of that which lived on land at the time – still left enough survivors to continue the evolution of the world and the human race. Thus even in the toughest of such events life is not completely erased from the face of the planet, leaving enough survivors to rebuild and continue inhabiting the planet. As for the Annunaki they could be the very people who inhibited Phaeton and were forced to evacuate their home planet because they knew about the approaching disaster, and the nearest/most appropriate place where they could have an emergency stop and perhaps leave some of their members was our planet Earth because it was the right size and had similar natural conditions to their native planet. This explains what they were doing here, and gives one of the various reasons as to why our interaction with them came to be.

    In my view a man should not concern himself with this end of the world stuff because if it in deed comes it won’t make much difference to most people one way or the other – most of us will simply perish in its fury. The best thing to do is keep on living and striving for our goals in self improvement (whatever is defined as self improvement by every individual). I thought that this stuff might be interesting provided the subject raised here. And if I was off the course in any way, I guess I only made myself look like a fool, and you have my apologies of course. Regards,


  2. Sentinel

    Read Immanuel Velikovsky. He writes a lot about this. The name of the planet was Theia. ALso read Nemesis the Death Star by Richard Muller. Fascinating stuff !


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