Things That Go Bump in the Night

Infernal  Greetings to All …

Welcome to October and this month’s topic, Necromancy. I have to state up front that my knowledge of this topic is fairly limited. I have had brushes with it over the years but I have never undertaken an in depth study of it. I am not sure why since it has such a rich and long tradition in the Occult. As a Daemonolater I am aware of what it means and how it is used frequently in many rituals. The following post contains information for someone looking for an introduction and some of my own discoveries.

The first is a short list of what Necromancy is NOT according to the Library of Black Knowledge website.

1 – Necromancy is not corpse divination.

2 – Necromancers do not have sex with corpses.

3 – Necromancy is not an evil religion.

4 – Necromancers do not claim to be able to raise the dead to life.

5 – Necromancers do not use the Necronomicon.

I found the following quote that tries to sum up and warn you what Necromancy is all about. There is no author listed at the end of the quote so I am not sure who created it. This is unfortunate because I would like to give them credit for this interesting commentary and warning. It also came from Library of Black Knowledge website.

“Necromantic spell craft is not a careless hobby. Be certain, Magi, that the acrid nether is
what you desire before delving into the realm of death. The sacrifice for infernal power is life. The potential to lose yourself, both sanity and health, through the abuse of this power has been observed throughout antiquity and is no different in this day; take such examples to heart. It is always in the best interest of the prospective Necromancer to remember that these things are not to be taken lightly and that, while information will not be withheld, personal restraint should be exercised by the wise Necromancer. Let your mind be infused with these concepts; learn from the Necromantic texts available but be mindful of the temptations of power which always threaten to overwhelm sensibility — even the stoic restraint of a seasoned Necromancer. History rushes with many lengthy parables to forewarn those that would seek power and achieve it only to be consumed by that same force but this is a lesson understood most poignantly by Necromancers. One of the attributes that has set the Necromancer apart from many other types of spell weaver is their respect for order, balance, precision, diligent study, discernment, and timing. Knowing the use of these skills will exact a cost makes one mindful of carefully timing, preparing for, anticipating, and selecting each spell with utmost precision. The frozen touch of death is a power beyond simple human comprehension — so vast that a lifetime of study is barely as significant as dipping one’s finger into the ocean. The art can bring knowledge of the nature of the soul, the power to manipulate it, and the ability to cause change in accordance with one’s will through the rending of the spirit and whispers of geists, but carries hazards of its own. Do not fear death, but certainly respect it as a force so dreadfully powerful that its black fires could consume all of humanity in thanatoic holocaust and still be unquenched. As surely as we are born, live, and die to crumble back to the dust from which we were wrought, Necromantic power is every bit as potent as the healing arts and every bit as damning to those who would attempt to misuse it. Wisdom now gazes upon you from these pages. Do with this information as you please but know the risks involved in aligning your mind with the void.”

When I was little I thought we all had souls and could decide where they would end up at our deaths. For the next few years Voodoo and horror movies were about all I knew about Necromancy and death. With a rich history in Egyptian, Roman, Greek, European, and many other cultures, Necromancy has many outstanding books and websites to help educate those interested in the Dark Arts. I found entire texts on subjects such as blood sacrifice, communicating with the dead, out-of-body travel, and specific spell books for Necromancers.

Suffice it to say this month’s topic generated a lot of personal interest and I am anxious to keep studying. If anyone can recommend any other websites or texts (besides the book on UFO’s and Demons) I would really appreciate it.

In Darkness We are United …

Devil Murdock



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  1. dl

    Thank you for sharing this, and the prose is artiulated so well from that site. I as well am being drawn into the death currents and necromantic works. As my nightly meditations and work are gaining ground within the realm of the “acrid nether” as he or she put it, I have found my awareness increasing. Seeing more in my periphials, and sensing more from beyond the veil. At a most recent graveside service of a close friend, I felt I totally saw him on my left standing there. I did not move so I could observe, then of course when I looked directly he was gone. The weight of this work is heavy too, very heavy. In fact when I went in the cemetary, I felt so incredibly heavy, and laden I could barely breathe. That to me is the burden of death. Definitely not for the faint or to be taken lightly.

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