Too Many Decks?

I recently had a friend come by my flat and she was very curious as to the state of my coffee table… it was covered in multiple Tarot decks and divination tools, which is actually pretty normal for me as I read cards for a living. She just couldn’t understand why I would need to have so many cards out at a time, nor could she understand why I would need as many divination tools at all. If she only knew how many more decks and various divination tools I actually have she really would think I was nuts!

Its not that you need to have several decks,but there may come a time when you might grab your deck for a reading and it gives you the distinct feeling that it either doesn’t want to answer you or that it isn’t the right tool for the topic or challenge. This is when having back up decks or other tools comes in handy.

Some topics or questions call for different approaches, this is why I have everything from a couple of tarot decks, a Lenormand, scrying balls, Ogham staves, and a bowl of assorted crystals, and sigils within reach when I am doing readings.

Other times a tool can decide that it just doesn’t want to work with you or with a particular client. I had one deck that after several years of being my go-to deck suddenly decide that it didn’t want to work with me and instead wanted to go to my then husband. Funnily enough after a few years it decided he was a jerk and stopped working for him so it came back to me.

If you are doing face to face readings you may also find that the imagery of some decks can make clients uncomfortable. I love my Deviant Moon deck but some people found the artwork too intense for them and they would ask if I had some other deck that wasn’t as dark. Knowing that not everyone will be open to some images is one reason why professional readers tend to have multiple decks. If you only plan on doing readings for clients who share your interests then you may not need to have ‘happy’ decks, but it is always good to have at least one deck that is more general audience friendly.

Having multiple decks can also help you to find deeper meanings within the cards. With each deck I have purchased and used I have deepened my understanding of the many facets that each card has. You learn more about how the cards all connect across the board and through that become a stronger reader.


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