Using Multiple Tools

This month seems to have slipped right through my fingers. Over the past few months I have been finding myself using different oracle decks both in my professional work and in my daily practice, to help me gain a different perspective on things. I have even been using them in conjunction with my tarot cards while doing reads for clients.

Why should you use multiple tools if one is working well enough? Each deck, sigil, or rune has its own energy and in my experience, personality. Sometimes we need to have more than one opinion or take on a situation and just like we might speak with multiple doctors before undertaking a serious treatment, we can view using multiple tools as Divination’s equivalent to this approach.

Not all tools will like working with others. My Arthurian deck gives off a very negative vibe when I have tried pairing it with other decks, whereas my Ceremonial Magick deck and my Witches’ Tarot seem to have no issue if I am using my Earth Magick oracle or my Dukante sigil deck. I have found that the additional information that this gives me has made for more thorough readings and happier clients. Of course you have to keep in mind your audience when using different tools. Some people might get a bit upset if you pull out a deck of Daemons to enhance their reading! LOL

Try starting with 2 tools that you know well and that you have an established relationship with. I usually pull a few cards from one deck, read those and then use the alternative tools to give deeper clarification. There is no limit to how many tools that you can use in this technique, as long as you don’t get too bogged down in the process.

Using this approach has definitely helped my accuracy and moving forward I will continue to play to see which tools compliment each other best.

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