Better Late Than Never…..(Which really isn’t a true statement)

How I missed the month of April, I am not too sure.  But it seemed to come and go at the blink of an eye.  Which was not enough time, apparently, to write my due blog for the 23rd.  I do apologize for the oversight.  In light of that I guess I could say one of the things I wish I knew from the beginning would be the need for a daytimer or maybe just SIRI would work.  But on a Demonolatry note there are many things I wish I had known when I had started out.  And even a few things I am glad I didn’t know at that time.  I mostly wish I had known how to learn, and how to listen better.  I wish I had taken down more notes.  I also really wish I had learned Kabbalah.  Every time I have tried to get that as an integral part of my consciousness I get a headache.  I know it for short periods but then the “AHA!” moment seems to elude me after that.  I wish I had spent a few months doing nothing but that.  I know it’s not too late, and that is on my plate.  Along with a few other things.  I also wish I had learned faster that Demonolatry is not about going through the motions and actually being able to learn anything from that.  It was all very new to me so I spent an inordinate amount of time doing simple math over and over before I even thought about thinking beyond that.  I also wish I had understood the subtleties of worshipping Demons as opposed to being a bull in a china shop.  Which is mostly what my early years looked like.  Also wish I had understood the symbiosis between majick and spirituality.  Actually I still wish I understood that.  I am glad, however, that I didn’t know how intricate all of this is.  I fear it would have overwhelmed me.  So sometimes all things in good time is the best cliche in this instance.  There is still so much I don’t know, and I have come to the inevitable conclusion that there is simply more to know than I have time on this earth.  There are things I wish I knew at the beginning.  But this is how it has unfolded for me.  And I do believe this is how it should be.  Doesn’t stop me from wishing I knew these things at the beginning though.  But at least I can accept that this is how it is.  Mostly accept anyway.

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