This site is a free educational resource provided by the GenDem Group in conjunction with several occult authors and members of the Traditional Generational Daemonolatry clergy – all who volunteer their time and effort to this website. This site costs a lot to run. Just recently (2019), our webmaster, with the help of S. Connolly, completely revamped the website to what you see now.

It’s through these generous donations and from people like you that this site remains a free resource for everyone.

There are several ways you can contribute to this community project.

  1. Donate. $1 – $5 – $10 via Paypal, it helps.
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  3. S. Connolly does offer a free prayer service, that does accept donations for those who wish to contribute or show their support. All donations from this service go to fund this site 100%.
  4. Buy something from Sephira Alchemy. 10% of all sales go toward our hosting and domain costs.
  5. Get a reading. Let’s support them. Our readers give a lot back to our site, including informational blog posts, time, and money.
  6. Contribute a guest post to our blog by contacting Frank Domovoi at [email protected]
  7. Contribute a free book, article, or resource (that you own 100% of the rights to, meaning it must be material YOU have created) Please see Frank’s Guidelines for what he will and will not accept.
  8. Translate one of our free resources into your native tongue (if it doesn’t already exist) so that we can post it on this site for everyone.

We appreciate all our donors! Thank you.

Individual Donors (Whether monetary, time, or resource) Updated 10/30/2023

(If we have somehow missed adding you to this list, please contact Frank at [email protected])

  • Brian P.
  • Elina L.
  • Alfie D.
  • Hector C
  • Ellen T
  • Becky G.
  • Charles E.
  • Jennifer M.
  • Konstantinos M.
  • Christopher M.
  • Joe T.
  • Julie
  • Jamie L.
  • Benjamin N.
  • Joaquin D.
  • Simon L.
  • Karodi C.
  • Jacob L.
  • Maranda T.
  • Jamie L.
  • Brian L.
  • Nathan B.
  • Armando T.
  • Shawn P.
  • Stephanie H.
  • Barry S.
  • Lazaras A.
  • Deborah K.
  • Jadean Lazulli
  • Martin McGreggor
  • William Briar
  • Bluemidknight
  • Sentinal
  • C. Ortiz
  • J. Caven
  • The hundreds of customers of Sephira Alchemy (you know who you are!)
  • All the contributors to Black Serpent Magazine 2005-2010 (you know who you are!)

Sustaining Donors (i.e. the people we go to when we don’t have enough money to cover expenses and they always help out)

  • Darkerwood Publishing Group LLC & S. Connolly
  • Nicholas Schneider (GoeticNick)
  • Mr & Mrs M. Grant
  • Mr & Mrs J. Corban
  • Angie Jordan
  • L. Mason

Regular Volunteers: (these are the people currently responsible for what you see here. sorry if the list is incomplete)

  • S. Connolly – Ms. Connolly volunteers countless hours, has written the bulk of our free informational material, and has given us thousands in financial support since we took the site over in 2011. Without her this site would not exist.
  • Shaelyn Conlin-Grey
  • Frank Domovoi

Special thanks to the following organizations for their support over the years:

  • Ordo Templi Hekau
  • Temple Thoth Seshat
  • DB Publishing (An Imprint of Darkerwood Publishing Group)
  • The HOLLCA Group
  • Alpena Demonolatry
  • Temple of Ba’al
  • Ordo Flammeus Serpens
  • Maine Oceanside
  • House of Delepitor√©

Finally – a world of thanks to our only paid employee for his continual hard work, diligence, and management – Frank Domovoi. We appreciate you stepping up to take this position.