Being Exclusive for the Sake of Inclusivity

As the custodian of this website I am often called upon to make decisions concerning content, contributors, and what I will allow on this site. I’ve had to make some tough calls over the years, including kicking one contributor to the curb for being unethical in their business practices.  I also have to pick and choose what gets posted to the free library and the blog.  This often makes me the bad guy when I say no. I am happy to be the bad guy as needed.

I want to be clear about what I will and will not include on . But first I want to say that even though we are a TRADITIONAL DEMONOLATRY website, I feel that I am pretty inclusive about what I’ll allow to be posted on this site. After all, our site audience is comprised of demonolaters of every ilk, including beginners to seasoned elders, from solitary practitioners to group practitioners, from well-known authors, to your average unknown working magician, and I don’t want to alienate any of them if I can help it.

Which means if you have some “occult police” rant (as my friend Steph would say) about who everyone else should stay away from and avoid like the plague so they can follow you, it doesn’t belong here. This is a demonolatry site. Not a forum to slam other demonolaters.

You are welcome to have your personal opinions about who is legit and who is not. About who the REAL practitioners are and who are not. You can totally play that game where spirituality is a competition where you get to decide who is as spiritual as you. You’re welcome to be jealous of and hate the authors whose work has gotten more attention than yours. You’re welcome to abhor anyone who makes any part of their living in a spiritual career. And if you want to be the occult police in your spare time and mind everyone else’s great work, including people you don’t even know, go for it, more power to you. You are free to shout your judgment from the rooftops.

But I am not obligated to give you a forum to do that. A forum where, if I allowed it, it would alienate more than half this site’s audience. You are not entitled to have a voice on this site because you are a hierarchy snob, or feel you’re more enlightened than those who, for example, write books, teach classes, make supplies, or read cards for a living.  Just because you hate the elders who sometimes do get a bit frustrated with people who casually dismiss and turn their nose up at an elder’s experience doesn’t mean you’re entitled to use this website to promote ageism. Or to tell everyone how much you look down your nose at people who practice in groups or who have earned titles within their small communities, and that everyone else should look down their noses at these people, too. Or try to exclude those who have taken on the title of Priest for their matron/patron, which is a common practice for even solitary practitioners as a deep, heartfelt, spiritual connection. Who are you to tell them their title and their spiritual connection means nothing? That’s a lot of hubris right there, and with that, you’re going to alienate a lot of people.

It’s funny because people like this will often complain, loudly, that they don’t believe in gatekeepers, and yet they’re gatekeeping by spending their time trying to exclude everyone and every practice they dislike. They don’t believe in anyone making money from their spiritual work and yet they charge for spiritual work they themselves do. In the same breath they’ll martyr themselves for giving books and articles away for free. Nevermind that these same people will still look down their noses at more well-known practitioners who also give away a lot of free educational materials, time, and teaching. Which is how you know most of this is just sour grapes and jealous posturing.

Basically, if you want to write for this site or contribute free files, keep your beef with other demonolaters to yourself and don’t be a complete asshole.

Now, if you want to share an article or a PDF about your personal practice of demonolatry, or a group practice,  or your work with a particular demon, or how you became a demonolater, great. We would love to have you. But keep your personal hate out of it. 

This website is for:

  • Staunch traditionalists AND self-styled demonolaters.
  • Beginners AND seasoned practitioners (even ones with egos).
  • People both with and without titles.
  • Those practicing solitary AND in groups.
  • Demonolaters who work with ANY hierarchy (we’re not hierarchy snobs here).
  • Demonolaters who practice ALL TYPES of magick from traditional craft to by-the-book ceremonialists.
  • Demonolaters who do teach classes, write books, make products, give readings whether they charge or not – and who believe a rising tide lifts all boats.
  • Demonolaters of any ilk regardless ethnicity, gender, socio-economic status, country, or race.

This website is for all of us, and we’re not posting discriminatory hate speech. Especially when it comes from people who wish to remain anonymous and not even use a nom de plume because they’re too afraid to own their own words.

Now that I got this out of the way, we are a traditional demonolatry site, so a lot of our posts are by people who practice traditional demonolatry and the posts and files reflect that. This site does lean that way by default because of those of us who created it. If you hate those demonolaters, then trying to use this site to discredit them and tell them they’re doing it wrong, and to attempt to exclude them from their own community is just petty and ridiculous.

Me excluding this type of stuff is not about me silencing people or trying to infringe on their freedoms. By posting things like that, we would, essentially, be endorsing it, or, in the very least, be complicit in advocating discrimination while also alienating at least half of our site’s audience, including the people who make this site possible. I’m not going to do that. If you have emotional biases and hang-ups against particular practitioners because you’re a frustrated and unsuccessful writer, or because you  are jealous of someone else, or disagree with them — keep it to yourself. Use your own forums and platforms to mind everyone else’s great work instead of your own. It doesn’t belong here. 

On the other hand, if you want to write and share about demonolatry, then we will seriously consider your contribution.