Alchemy of Goetia

The medieval magicians who wrote the grimoires encoded a beautiful alchemical synthesis into the sigils of the spirits they worked with. Join author S. Connolly as she explores the magickal and alchemical symbolism within the seals of the Goetia (and the Grimoirium Verum) and discover how this symbolism gives us insight into a spirit’s purposes and correspondences in a hidden language only the initiates understood.

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Alchemy of Goetia: Perfect Bound Paperback

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Alchemy of Goetia paperback-


Alchemy of Goetia: Perfect Bound Paperback-


I promised you a second post this month and here it is.

I’ve written about initiations before. Initiation isn’t just some ceremony that brings you into a group or onto a certain path. Sometimes initiation is a trial by fire. The spirits flip your world upside down to see if you sink or swim, and if you’ve learned anything yet. Sometimes initiation is learning something new and having a revelation that changes your whole world view. Initiation is an interesting thing. It may not happen all at once, and some of the most profound initiations any magician will go through will be gone through alone, within ourselves and in our own minds. We all come to our initiations in our own way in our own time.

Initiation can be welcoming and bring a sense of belonging, or it can put you in a position where you need some time to digest it, or you have to act quickly or perish. It’s not always kind and gentle, nor does it always happen in candlelit rooms with heady incense wafting through the air. You do the work – you are initiated and reap the rewards (or burdens as the case may be) of that initiation.

One of my favorite examples of this is in the movie The Ninth Gate. Balkan may have had all the money to hire others to do the work for him, but it was Corso who was ultimately initiated and allowed to reap the fruits of his labor because he did all the work. You may think you can reap what others have sown, but it’s usually a hollow victory and will only bring frustration and confusion as to why you didn’t reap the same rewards as someone who actually took the journey and did the legwork.

Balkan didn’t understand why the ritual didn’t work for him, and why he ultimately ended being consumed by the flames of his obsession for which he wasn’t willing to get his hands dirty. Corso, on the other hand, after having done all the work – unknowingly even – was the one who had the revelation and benefitted in the end.

So, why am I again writing about initiation? Because in working on Alchemy of Goetia – I went through a profound initiation. I knew what I was going to find (I knew it back in 2010), but I didn’t realize just how relavetory and changing what I found would be, or how my perception would be forever different. It’s one thing to have a suspicion or a hypothesis, but quite another to actually jump into the trenches and do the work, making the fruits of that labor so much sweeter – even if those rewards come with shock and a loss of carefully cultivated illusion (or delusion).

Yes, there is a psychological element to Goetia, but instead of the spirits being parts of the psyche, I think we’re actually looking more at the processes of the psyche for doing the inner work. I still believe that not everyone has to kick their own ass to get that process started. I also hold to my position that the names of God, which are far older than Christianity, and the ritual setup, were used to protect the spiritual alchemists from harming themselves while doing the shadow-work (i.e. self-work), and all the commanding was likely to give the magician courage before embarking on each process of the great work. It also had the side effect of burying the true nature of the manuscript under the guise of the popular religion at the time to avoid attracting the ire of the church. It was also clear that yes, the Ars Goetia does likely have Arabic alchemy origins. This is probably not a myth since there was a rich Arabic alchemical tradition the predates the Western alchemical tradition.

In the Ars Goetia there is an inherent and profound respect for the processes within the text – because in laboratory alchemy – some of these processes and the materials used were dangerous and the alchemist who didn’t heed the warnings could end up dead. Many of the warning statements I found mostly stated: yes – be courageous and embark on the great work, but also – respect the power of the alchemical processes, or if you’re doing alchemy in the real world, respect the raw matter and chemicals you’re working with, or you can end up harming yourself and possibly others spiritually (or physically if you were actually doing laboratory alchemy). Which is why I still believe in respecting the divine intelligences (Daemons) we work with – even if it’s the Daemonic within. The inclusion of commanding and controlling the spirits of the Ars Goetia is more about self-control and exercising personal safety than it is about controlling the process itself. The process simply is what it is. A chemical reaction is what it is. The Daemonic is what it is. It’s how we react to the process and its inevitable reactions, and what we learn from it that matters.

So, in a lot of ways, the actual alchemy of the Ars Goetia has reinforced my views and my personal practice. In other ways – I am forever changed by this journey I’ve embarked on. I’ve been initiated into something that, for me, was rather profound. I admitted to a friend after the book went into editing that I had never really “connected” with the seals of the Ars Goetia or Solomonic magick generally. The actual spirits associated with the processes – sure. They are their own thing. But the seals just never resonated. Now I know why. Because you have to understand the language in the emblems and spirit descriptions of the Ars Goetia (and all Solomonic magick for that matter) in order to really understand what you’re looking at. Once you’re initiated – once you see it you can’t unsee it, and the Ars Goetia (and all of the Lemegeton actually) loses its grand mystery of “Christian” magick, and becomes more practical, more gnostic, and in some instances, delightfully clever. I have a new respect for the early alchemists now, and their sense of humor (because it’s not humorless at all) and a new respect for Solomonic magick overall.

While this particular initiation was a bit of a shock to my system at first (my poor friends Ken, Amanda, and Shae were probably bewildered by all my “Holy shit – you’re not going to believe this!” messages), I am glad I saw the patterns (one of the strange benefits of my neurodivergence) and decided to finally take the time it took to explore what was only a hunch I’d had for more than a decade.

You can get copies of Alchemy of Goetia from the following links. I hope you enjoy journeying with me down this rabbit hole, and I wish you your own life-changing initiations and new perspectives no matter what they are.

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LULU (check for coupons)

Alchemy of Goetia: Perfect Bound Paperback

Alchemy of Goetia Linen Wrap Hardcover

Alchemy of Goetia Spiral Bound –


Alchemy of Goetia Casewrap Hardcover –

Alchemy of Goetia ebook (releases April 25) –

Alchemy of Goetia paperback-


Alchemy of Goetia: Perfect Bound Paperback: See the post about the book.

Programs & Egregores?

Sorry for the late post. I didn’t post last month because I had so much going on and I was working hard and heavy on Alchemy of Goetia to get it into editing, and Shae didn’t post last month because she’s been in the clutches of moving house, which is never fun. She may not be posting this month for the same reason. Perhaps I’ll make up for that by giving you two posts this month.

I’m still on a sigil magick kick because of Alchemy of Goetia. Over this past weekend I was talking to someone who practices an entirely different magickal paradigm and she said something that really made me stop and think – wow, she’s right.

She said that some symbols or glyphs are almost like magickal programs that execute when we utilize the symbol in our magick. I couldn’t help but think that that’s so true for the seals in the Ars Goetia. They really are like actual programs that activate the spiritual processes described within them.

Which makes me feel like, in actuality, the program activates an egregore created by centuries of magicians who have placed their own anthropomorphic expectations on the egregore. Because at this point – I’m pretty sure the use of pagan god-names (or variants) or made up names has more to do with gematria and alchemy than it does the divine intelligences. Then again – as within, so without. As above, so below.

That said – I suppose we can’t deny that these spirits, these egregores, become our personalized thought forms (this even happens with god-forms) and are therefore very valid in the context of our personal gnosis, too. Because the original Goetic spirits weren’t actually spirits, but rather names associated with recipes, ideas, concepts for both spiritual and sometimes even laboratory alchemy and the original authors of the grimoires were alchemists, psychologists, and philosophers, and magick was both the shadow work (psychology) involved in the betterment of the self, and the precursor to the sciences of metallurgy and chemistry.

But, over the centuries, for a lot of people the alchemy was lost and the Ars Goetia became this mystical, mythical, and magickal text in its own right. All because we need to label and classify things – and we’ve separated the branches of Western Magick which were never meant to separated. They’re all interconnected and if you don’t understand one part, you won’t understand the other. I’ve been saying this for years.

These are just some thoughts I’ve had this fine April 2nd. If any of this intrigues you, paperbacks, hardcovers, and ebooks of Alchemy of Goetia will be available toward the end of the month.

Things You Can Do with Sigils

I often get the question, “What can I do with a sigil?” So, I thought I would write up a list of all the things you can do with sigils, and I invite you all to add to the list in the comments!

So first, let me point out that you need to first imbue to sigil with the proper intent before you do anything with it. If it’s protective, make sure you’re thinking of protection while you’re drawing/creating the sigil. If it’s a mild curse you’re putting in your ex-in-law’s house, do that beforehand.

Now onto the list of the many things you can do with sigils. Let’s inspire one another.

  • Carve them into wood, stone, metal, or clay.
  • Print them or draw them. Feel free to laminate them.
  • Put them above doorways and windows for protection or good luck.
  • Use them as a focal point for meditation or ritual.
  • Wear or carry them for guidance, luck, protection, strength, influence etc… Some common methods: Wear as a necklace or charm. Keep in your wallet, purse, briefcase, bag. Keep in your left shoe, or wear against your left breast. Carry in your jacket or stitched into your clothing. Some people in the modern era may even wear clothing or carry everyday items with the sigils printed on them. Or they’ll create stickers or clings to place the sigils on various items from computers to rolling luggage.
  • Include them in artwork and crafted items.
  • Place them behind mirrors to turn the mirror magickal and use it for scrying or to boost the confidence of whoever looks into the mirror.
  • Keep them in the car for protection.
  • Keep a bowl of clay or metal cast sigils in the house and pull one whenever you need advice or insight. See Sigillum Diaboli as a guide for divining with Daemonic sigils.
  • Put them beneath your pillow, mattress, or bed to induce psychic dreams.
  • Paint the sigils on gifts or household items to turn them into something magickal for yourself or others.
  • Draw them on petitions to the Divine.
  • Use them as offerings to the Divine.
  • Put them on ritual tools to dedicate the tool to a specific divine intelligence.
  • Tattoo the sigil of your matron or patron on yourself to mark yourself as a dedicant. (Don’t do this unless you’re 100% certain you wish to be a dedicant to that spirit.)
  • Place sigils in strategic places to give you an edge, curse your enemies, or to uncover secrets (i.e. under your boss’s desk with a little tape, in your friend’s house under the dining room table, inside and under a cabinet in your mother-in-law’s house.)
  • Draw it on an envelope for correspondence to get a favorable reply.
  • Visualize it, or draw it in the air with your finger over an email to get a favorable response.
  • Trace it in the air over items and people as a blessing of that spirit.
  • Create your own personalized sets of sigils using automatic writing/divination and ascension sessions. It’s quite common for Daemons to give magicians very personalized sigils that connect the magician to the spirit.
  • Create sigils (using your own or established symbol sets) that hide important information, recipes, or even whole rituals within them. Basically, turn them into ciphers that only the initiated can decode. ( See Alchemy of Goetia – releasing March 2024 ) to see this in action.
  • Give sigils themselves as gifts to other magicians for healing, prosperity, or just general ritual use etc…

What ideas do you have?

An Unedited Sneek Peek into The Alchemy of Goetia – Coming March 2024

The following is an unedited excerpt from Alchemy of Goetia by S. Connolly (DB Publishing), coming in 2024. It will give you an idea of the kind of information you’re in for when you buy this book. It also includes alchemical symbolism in animals and colors,and discusses how Alchemy and Goetia go hand-in-hand. You can pre-order the ebook on Amazon, and you can expect both paperbacks and hardcovers to be available around the same time. – Frank



Color: Yellow.

Incense: Frankincense.

Metal: Gold.

Planet: Sun

Element: Fire

The first principal spirit is a king ruling in the East, called Bael. He makes men go invisible, he rules over 66 Legions of Inferior spirits, he appears in diverse shapes, sometimes like a Cat, sometimes like a Toad, sometimes like a man, and sometimes in all these forms at once. He speaks in a hoarse voice.

The Alchemical Breakdown:   While the seal seems very insect or frog-like (transformation), notice the mention of cats (transformation of hidden knowledge). Within the sigil itself we see the alchemical symbol for day, nitrum soda, gold pigment, and potentially alum, digestion, and acetum. In alchemy, the process of digestion involves applying a heat source to the material over the period of several weeks. It is one of the 12 core processes of alchemical work. It’s interesting that the symbol for digestion is contained within the seal, and invisibility is mentioned in the description for Bael. Bael appears to be an active force and can help the magician transform physical energy into creative energy with the end goal being manifestation. When we heat something slowly, especially something solid immersed in liquid, it releases the essence of the physical matter into the liquid around it. In spiritual alchemy, you might even consider this a process of emotional release. Bael is a reminder that transformation begins within the wellspring of our deepest emotions and that what we digest makes manifest our situation in the external world. If, for example, we consume nothing but negative media, we begin to feel negative and that manifests in our everyday life until life becomes negative.  If we feel invisible to others and begin to see ourselves as invisible, we become invisible.

Brew up the Year of Your Dreams

The last few months, many of us have been focused on saying goodbye to a year that, for many; was a trial by fire. We talk about people, situations, and character flaws that we want to release ourselves from and then we make our New Year’s Resolutions and think everything will just work out. There is nothing inherently wrong with this, but what if there was something that we could do to help bring all those things that we want into our lives, that also didn’t take precious hours from our limited time to nurture it to make it all happen? Well, there is. Simmer Pots!

Literally, you can put it on the back burner for a few hours each day and let it do its thing. You may end up wanting to freshen up the mixture, but that shouldn’t take too long at all. And the great thing is that there are SO MANY different ingredients, that no matter what you want to manifest, there is something you can add to your chosen base to make it happen. So, let’s look at some common bases and then some ideas for what else to add to personalize your magickal New Year Brew!


Some people prefer a traditional apple cider base. Apples signify knowledge, immortality, love, fertility, protection, and prosperity. They are also symbols of the Otherworld.

Another option is black tea. Black tea symbolizes strength, courage, wealth, banishment, stability, and willpower.

For green tea enthusiasts, you can use that too! Green tea’s energy is aligned with healing, love, longevity, and cleansing.

White tea is perfect for new beginnings, blessings, wisdom, protection, clarity, and purification.

Or perhaps you want to start with a clear slate and prefer rain or filtered water. This choice brings with it growth, rebirth, energy, warding, banishing, protection, and building personal power over time.


Now comes the time to fine tune your intentions, by adding what will simmer in your base. You could have as few as two or 3 different additions, or go crazy and add as many as your little pot can handle. Just remember that some substances can over power others easily, or if you have pets, you will want to make sure that what you are simmering won’t hurt them in any way.

Pepermint – clarity, awareness, focus, productivity, social energy, and confidence.

Ginger – success, power, prosperity, adventure, sensuality, and relationship success.

Lemons – remove energy blockages, insight, cleansing.

Lemongrass – psychic abilities, clarity, insight, and courage.

Bergamont – protection from evil and magickal attacks.

Oranges – fertility, success, happiness, friendships, prosperity, and love.

Cinnamon sticks – spiritual and personal power, finances and wealth, love, luck, victory, and protection.

Cranberries – abundance, energy, healing, communication, courage, swift action, and rejuvenation.

Dill – adaptability, lust, luck, money, abundance, banishing.

Star Anise – divination, love, passion, protection, power amplifier, psychic ability, money.

Oregano – travel, creativity, love, and clear sight.

Cloves – good luck, love, attracting wealth.

Bay Leaf – success, wish fulfilment, strength, psychic ability.

Basil – love, luck, and abundance.

Thyme – wisdom, healing, love, purification, and courage.

Cardamom – love, lust, charm, and mental clarity.

This is really just a jumping point. Get creative and cook up a year that will bring you everything you want and deserve.

The Year Ahead: Daemons for Your Astrological Sign – 2024 Edition

Today, I thought I’d do a reading for the year ahead for each astrological sign by pulling a Daemonic sigil – for the Goetic Spirits. Remember to read your sun sign along with your moon sign. I’m a Cancer sun with a Capricorn moon – the earthy part of water according to the elemental makeup of my natal chart. Oftentimes, the Capricorn reading is more accurate for me. Only you can decide which one fits you better based on what’s going on in your life.

Remember that you can do this for yourself at any time. There are plenty of decks on the market for the Goetic spirits, and even a Dukante sigil deck. Any of them will pair well with my book Sigillum Diaboli, which gives meanings for the sigils.

♑ Capricorn (Goat): December 22–January 19 – Ronove – 2024 will be a great year to go back to school, get certifications, or learn new skills. Consider writing out what you’d like to learn this year and create a plan of actionable steps you can take to increase your skills and knowledge. This seal may indicate you will be doing research or getting serious about a writing project. If none of this applies, then chances are you’re going to learn something new about a situation you’re in that you were unaware of before and it will change your opinion and perspective of the matter.

♒ Aquarius (Water Bearer): January 20–February 18 – Balam – This coming year will be busy for you, Aquarius! Numerous social events and opportunities for networking will arise in 2024. You may even find yourself making great strides in your career or social group because right now – you’re looked upon favorably by peers and bosses. Use this to your advantage. This seal is also a warning to keep your plans secret until you’re ready to launch them or until you see measurable results. That way there’s no chance of someone trying to beat you to the plate or stand in your way or talk you out of it.

♓ Pisces (Fish): February 19–March 20: Ipos – You are going to need a lot of courage in 2024, Pisces! You’re going to have to make a big decision in 2024 and problems could arise from a surprising source. People you thought would back you up may not or may be completely against your decision. But here’s the thing — the decision is ultimately yours. You’re the one who has to live with it. If you’re comfortable with that – it doesn’t matter what others think or how hard they try to fight that choice you’re making. It’s your life and you have to do what is best for you.

♈ Aries (Ram): March 21–April 19 – Andrealphus – This is a seal of new beginnings. Especially with regard to your career options. 2024 finds you making a choice about changing jobs, accepting a promotion, or starting your own business. Make sure you’ve done your research and don’t rush into anything. It’s okay to take some time to think about your choice, but don’t wait too long or the opportunity may pass.

♉ Taurus (Bull): April 20–May 20: Alloces – This is the year to be cautious, dear Taurus. Don’t jump into anything without reading all the fine print and thinking it through. It might be best to spend 2024 working methodically toward your goals – slowly – until you see measurable results. Try not to focus on the end result too much, because the end result could be different than you envision, and moving slowly will give you a better idea of what the final outcome will actually look like. This way, not only will you discover if this goal is what you actually want, but also if you have the stamina or desire to continue toward it. You may end up changing your mind.

♊ Gemini (Twins): May 21–June 21- Bifrons – This looks to be a good year for Gemini when it comes to love and friendship. If you’re attached, you may find a deeper connection with the person you’re with. If you don’t have a partner, this might be the year you find that special someone. If you have recently lost someone (whether in life, love, or friendship) this is the year that brings you the emotional healing you need to move forward. You may also find yourself feeling a bit of nostalgia for the past, and desire to look at family photos with your loved ones or reach out to connect with an old classmate.

♋ Cancer (Crab): June 22–July 22 – Sabnock – This is the year to lay low and STFU, Cancer. Keep your plans and projects to yourself or you risk others trying to hamper them – or steal your ideas and call them their own. To overcome obstacles, take a step back and listen – process what you’re hearing, and then choose a carefully planned response. If you’re aggressive and forceful with your reaction (as we Cancerians often can be when something triggers an emotional response in us) you’ll only create more problems and obstacles.

♌ Leo (Lion): July 23–August 22 – Leraje – Leo, this is your year to let the past go and move forward. Sometimes we hang onto conflicts due to our own egos, and this tends to be the case with you. When you’re right, you’re right and you want others to accept that you’re right. Let it go and practice forgiveness for yourself and others. Now — as a caveat to this, I’m not saying you should act like the conflict never happened. It did. But you can choose to accept that the other parties in the conflict have their beliefs and you have yours – and that you no longer need these people in your life or maybe the subject just needs to be dropped and never revisited. Not all hills are worth dying on. Also, you can forgive without condoning shitty behavior or remaining close or friendly with someone.

♍ Virgo (Virgin): August 23–September 22- Cimejes – Virgo – 2024 is your year to shine and share your knowledge and experience with others. You may be sought after as a mentor. Just be careful your expertise isn’t used to bash or destroy others. There’s a fine line between confidence in what what one knows – and arrogance. Usually, the pulling of this seal also indicates that this is the year to launch new projects and plans, and that there will be few (if any) obstacles holding you back this year.

♎ Libra (Balance): September 23–October 23 – Stolas – 2024 will be a great time to brush up on your communication skills as there will be plenty of opportunity to do so. But — preciseness is key. You will find yourself needing to be more careful in how you communicate with others in order to get your point across, or to project the proper information you want the other person to hear. It may be best to make sure you rehearse what you say beforehand so there are no misunderstandings. If you can master this skill of precise communication – you can be successful in any situation the year throws at you.

♏ Scorpio (Scorpion): October 24–November 21 –  Glasya-Labolas – It looks like 2024 is going to be whirlwind of action for you, Scorpio. You may be busier this year than the past few. But be careful about sharing private plans and dreams with others, otherwise prying eyes could hinder your success, whether it be by those wanting to sabotage you, those who disagree and make you second guess yourself, or those who unintentionally stand in the way of your success.

♐ Sagittarius (Archer): November 22–December 21 – Seere – 2024 may be roughest on you, Sagittarius. We all have rough years, but it seems like you may be stuck in a stalemate. Feeling like you can’t get ahead or that things are staying the same no matter how hard you try to make changes. Never fear. There is hope. Find comfort in the fact that the wheel turns, and everything that goes down WILL come back up again. Be careful of acting rashly to intense emotions because it will only make matters work. Instead, turn 2024 into a year of reflection, planning, and self-care. Things will start moving forward again, it’s just going to take some time.

Season of Leviathan

The Autumnal Equinox is considered ruled by Leviathan. It’s a time of reassessment, introspection, and even start making changes now for new beginnings later (spring). For many people, it’s an invigorating, inspiring time. For others, it’s time to nest for the winter. But Leviathan is not the only Daemon who can be worked with effectively this time of year.

Daemons of Autumn: Alloces, Amy, Baalberith, Bathin, Botis, Caim, Dagon, Gremory, Ipos, Leviathan, Marax, Murmur, Orobas, Purson, Sallos, Zepar

Magickal Work to focus on in Autumn: Changes toward goals, Necromancy, Divination, Manifestation. Removing obstacles.

Shadow-Work to Consider: Assessing what needs to change. Facing fears about change. Healing from emotional trauma preventing change.

Real-World Follow-Through – Start or launch new projects. Apply for higher positions and different jobs. Complete certification courses. Take classes to improve your career potential. Start planning now to return to school in spring. Make the changes to yourself and your environment to help you thrive.

Autumn is also a good time for healing the psyche. If you’ve been considering therapy for anything from addiction to coping – now is a great time to enter treatment or come up with a plan.

What are some of your favorite autumnal rituals?

Astrology & Demonolatry

By S. Connolly (edited and posted by Frank Domovoi)

A lot of people ask if astrology and Demonolatry have anything to do with one another. Just like most Western Magical Traditions, there is definitely room for astrology in Demonolatry. You can learn more about foundational correspondences by checking out the textbook we use for pre-initiate training for such things.

Where astrology is used:

  • When discovering one’s elemental makeup.
  • When looking at where the Goetic spirits fall on the decans of the Zodiac.
  • When planning magical work.

Tropical or Sidereal

This seems to be a matter of personal preference. I am an old school astrologer who prefers the Tropical Zodiac because I find it more accurate. Sidereal Astrology labels me a Gemini and adjusts my Moon sign and it doesn’t fit me at all. It’s like looking at someone I don’t know. Whereas where I fall on the tropical zodiac fits me to a T and it’s like looking in a mirror when I interpret my Sun and Moon signs.

What if I don’t know my exact time of birth?

That’s when astrologers use this thing called Rectification, where they plug your birthdate and place, and if we have a general time, into a calculator and it will attempt to divine an approximate time of birth. This is not always accurate and can be tricky. Even trickier for people who don’t know their exact date of birth either. Some people find this sketchy. Where it matters is usually not the Sun sign, or any of the slow-moving planets. Where it matters is the faster moving planets and which houses everything falls into. And that’s a big thing in anyone’s chart.

What is a Natal Chart:

A natal chart, using the time, location, and date of your birth indicates where all the planets were when you were born. The natal chart is often a picture of someone’s inborn skills, inclinations, and personality. When I do a magical natal chart reading, that’s what I’m looking for. Markers that indicate specialty areas of magic a person was born with a talent for. That does not mean you can’t excel in other areas or develop the skills to learn magic in other areas. Instead, it’s basically a report that suggests where your strengths are, whether your a natural magician, and may indicate other talents like attraction magic, necromancy and spirit communication skills (mediumship), and psychic divination abilities. Yes, they’re often indicated in the birth chart.

What is a transit?

A transit is the passage of a planet or celestial body relative to the location of another celestial body or sector in an astrological chart. Astrological transits involve interpreting the ongoing movement of the planets as they transit the horoscope, most often for an individual’s birth or Natal Chart.

What is a transit report?

A transit report is a report of all the important dates (for challenges or opportunities) coming up in the coming year for you. I can do these with or without Daemonic influences to help you through each transit.

What is a full transit report?

While a standard transit report only covers the movement of slower moving planetary influences, a full transit report covers all the faster moving planets as well – and can therefore be 200+ pages long.

You can order natal charts, magical natal charts where your natal chart is read for magical markers, transit reports with and without Demons and full natal charts HERE.

What if I think Astrology is bunk?

Not everyone finds that astrology resonates with them. If it’s not for you, it’s not for you and that’s okay. However, most of the magical traditions hold it as part of their traditions and part of their basic foundational correspondences.

Can you recommend a good book on the subject?

I’ve found The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need a great reference for those just delving into astrology for the first time. It will give you the basics in an easy to understand manner.

What are your recommended books about astrology? Do you think astrology is bunk or that it’s accurate? Are you a sidereal or tropical zodiac proponent and why? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Foundational Correspondences

The Daemonolater’s Book of Foundational Correspondences, also known Foundational Correspondences for Daemonolaters, is one of the core textbooks for Daemonolatry Pre-Initiate Training. It can be used by students of any path, however. Includes information on Elements, Seasons, Directions, Days, Colors, Celestial/Planetary, Astrology, Numbers, Metals, Stones, Plants/Herbs, Tarot, and more! Includes a chapter in the back to help students utilize what they’re learning and includes an additional reading list.

(eBooks do not have graphic images)

Amazon (ebook, paperback, and case wrap hardcover) –

Kobo (ebook only)-

Barnes & Noble (ebook and paperback)-

Lulu (linen wrap hardcover) –

Lulu (spiral bound paperback) –