Brew up the Year of Your Dreams

The last few months, many of us have been focused on saying goodbye to a year that, for many; was a trial by fire. We talk about people, situations, and character flaws that we want to release ourselves from and then we make our New Year’s Resolutions and think everything will just work out. There is nothing inherently wrong with this, but what if there was something that we could do to help bring all those things that we want into our lives, that also didn’t take precious hours from our limited time to nurture it to make it all happen? Well, there is. Simmer Pots!

Literally, you can put it on the back burner for a few hours each day and let it do its thing. You may end up wanting to freshen up the mixture, but that shouldn’t take too long at all. And the great thing is that there are SO MANY different ingredients, that no matter what you want to manifest, there is something you can add to your chosen base to make it happen. So, let’s look at some common bases and then some ideas for what else to add to personalize your magickal New Year Brew!


Some people prefer a traditional apple cider base. Apples signify knowledge, immortality, love, fertility, protection, and prosperity. They are also symbols of the Otherworld.

Another option is black tea. Black tea symbolizes strength, courage, wealth, banishment, stability, and willpower.

For green tea enthusiasts, you can use that too! Green tea’s energy is aligned with healing, love, longevity, and cleansing.

White tea is perfect for new beginnings, blessings, wisdom, protection, clarity, and purification.

Or perhaps you want to start with a clear slate and prefer rain or filtered water. This choice brings with it growth, rebirth, energy, warding, banishing, protection, and building personal power over time.


Now comes the time to fine tune your intentions, by adding what will simmer in your base. You could have as few as two or 3 different additions, or go crazy and add as many as your little pot can handle. Just remember that some substances can over power others easily, or if you have pets, you will want to make sure that what you are simmering won’t hurt them in any way.

Pepermint – clarity, awareness, focus, productivity, social energy, and confidence.

Ginger – success, power, prosperity, adventure, sensuality, and relationship success.

Lemons – remove energy blockages, insight, cleansing.

Lemongrass – psychic abilities, clarity, insight, and courage.

Bergamont – protection from evil and magickal attacks.

Oranges – fertility, success, happiness, friendships, prosperity, and love.

Cinnamon sticks – spiritual and personal power, finances and wealth, love, luck, victory, and protection.

Cranberries – abundance, energy, healing, communication, courage, swift action, and rejuvenation.

Dill – adaptability, lust, luck, money, abundance, banishing.

Star Anise – divination, love, passion, protection, power amplifier, psychic ability, money.

Oregano – travel, creativity, love, and clear sight.

Cloves – good luck, love, attracting wealth.

Bay Leaf – success, wish fulfilment, strength, psychic ability.

Basil – love, luck, and abundance.

Thyme – wisdom, healing, love, purification, and courage.

Cardamom – love, lust, charm, and mental clarity.

This is really just a jumping point. Get creative and cook up a year that will bring you everything you want and deserve.